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Wednesday, 18 March 2020


For A Minor Flu Like Bug?

I am at a loss to understand what's going on. Firstly "official" advice tells us that for most people who fall foul of this virus a two weeks of minor discomfort or no more than a mild flu like illness is the result. Albeit we crinklies are more vulnerable,to succumb due our level of aged wearing out. Add to that those younger folk with illness already. So just like other flu pandemics we have experienced over the years. Swine flu for one.

So my puzzlement is why has this virus, seemingly little worse bar its infection rate and speed, causing the collapse of global life and trade? Now there is powerful evidence that this link to a Soros investment in "Wuxi" is bang next door to the rumoured bat soup "cafe" in Wuhan. Hat tip to RAC's research in a comment on yesterday's post here. Now if this were to be true that this Lab suffered a leak of contamination we could be generous as to it being accidental.

However, accident or design, Soros and his friends are known economic warmongers who sulk beyond measure, if gainsaid. As they were over brexit as an example. It must, regardless of any link to the pandemic, be surely in the public interest if mega rich people are investing in biological research and a spin off into biological weaponry. Who knows?

Of this we can be sure. The colossal effort across the globe is unprecedented and the degree of disruption seemingly way out of proportion. I would love to have an explanation as to why that is the case? Also how come testing for this virus was so quickly available? Just asking? Stay safe as you can.


  1. Whilst of course it is sensible for us 70+ to take all reasonable precautions, I do get the feeling that there is a suspicious level of gaslighting coming from the news media. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Globalist International Inc., was smarting from the pushback it has been receiving since 2016 and is staging this outbreak.
    Now they're closing the schools, how stupid is that. Kids who are hardly at all affected by the illness but are eminently able to spread it, will now be roaming the streets all day. I suppose johnson thinks their responsible parents will keep them in playing board games and scrabble, maybe read a book or some home schooling. I can tell you this, not round where I live they wont, not at all.

  2. Nothing seems right about this whole charade, RAC.