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Monday, 16 March 2020

Well, well, well.

Here Is An Alternative Take On The Present Panic.

Hat tip to Nourishing Obscurity. Part of my feelings on this pandemic has been "How come, who benefits and wasn't the market crash on the cards?". Now listening to this video and carefully considering the "201" discussions, I really believe there could be another, manipulated angle to the whole affair. Just saying. If nothing less, it's one hell of a coincidence. As is this, if true. It sure looks genuine.


  1. "if true" I did a search using the tern in the twitter "All companies etc.,etc.," and it came up with several identical lists. They could have come from the same source though so a search for WuXi App Tech came up with this that confirms the address as 666 Gaoxin road.....

    And wikipedia confirms WuXi App Tech and WuXi Pharma Tech are one and the same....

    In 2008, WuXi PharmaTech acquired AppTec Laboratory Services Inc., a US-based company founded in 2001 with expertise in medical-device and biologics testing and with facilities in St.
    Paul, MN; Philadelphia, PA; and Atlanta, GA. WuXi opened a toxicology facility in Suzhou in 2009.[3]

    I have not yet found a second confirmation that it is owned by soros

  2. It's true enough OR, soros owns it scroll down to the W's.....

  3. So Soros owns a biological testing laboratory complex in Wuhan. Which begs the question for a betting man or woman. Bat soup as the source of this virus or a nearby testing lab? Now if the lattr who would likely gain billions as a hedge fund mogul from the collapse of the Global economy?