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Saturday, 14 March 2020

The Pandemic That'a Still Active After Decades.

The Poisonous Western Media.

After three and half years of blathering on in support of the UK's subjugation to the EUSSR, an embarrassingly useless outfit on covid-19 action, our media rubbish crowd switched back to that old chestnut, climate change. They rolled out that weird Thunberg child as if she'd been frozen for a couple of years. Dropped in a flash when this new salivation offering of a pandemic arose.

Every move by Government was immediately a target. Listening, as a Minister, to the science is pooh poohed in a hypocritical and blatant piece of nastiness forgetting about when they bang the drum for climate scientists. A "Whitehall" leak is paraded as truth that next week, with an inference it's media pressure running the show, mass public gatherings are to be banned.

If they're not, whippee, more criticism can flood the airwaves. If it so ruled, then it'll be a "It's SKY, The Mirror, Sun or BBC wot won it" bragging rights rolled forth. As for the fear mongering and useless, moronic coverage, note the travelling across the globe our "specialist" reporters are doing. No isolation protocols for they. Oh no. Far to important. As if, arrogant brood.

You will also note the ignoring of the decades long free movement of people and huge influxes of unchecked, still, illegal migrants. Now, if not terrorists,or just leeches we have too consider their disease potential carrying. Bear in mind the West once had eradicated TB. It's rife again. 

How ridiculous has been the growth  in size of cruise ships. "Symphony of the Seas, the 
world's largest cruise ship and prime jewel in Royal Caribbean's Oasis-class vessels, is slated to make its inaugural call to Jamaica next year. With a carrying capacity of 6,680 passengers, the 228,081-ton ship is expected to dock in Falmouth, Trelawny, on May 19, 2020". I've no idea of the crew complement but I suspect at least 1500. Now there's a floating incubator if ever there was one!

Still, time will tell how this all pans out. A shut down of media in all but a handful of auto cue readers, would be good. Just give us the news without so called comment and theatrical embellishment by amateur dramatic , often embarrassing spiel. For once in a generation give over trying to make unnecessary political, leftard, snide remarks all the sodding time.

Stay safe, stay happy!


  1. Hello O R, This morning I was told this virus has been in our hospitals for months. Sadly I was in a supermarket yesterday and the shelves of easy readymade food were empty, the fresh meat and veg were as well stocked as always. It seems our much praised and very expensive education system has produced a generation who can't feed themselves from basics anymore. Anyway having recently returned from France and it's wine supermarkets I am happy to self isolate for a while :-). God bless you and yours O R and I wish you many more happy years after this virus has come and gone.