Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

The Labour Party As Corbyn Leaves.

The Fate Of The Next leader Unveiled.


  1. Well if they will devote their lives to left wing politics it comes with a price. Anyway it looks like a nice rural setting but they still need to be 6 feet apart really. Having said that I
    have been within 6 feet of a left wing politician but I'm over it now :-)

  2. Well I walked to the supermarket for my usual shopping on the 18th and the shelves where already stripped bare, wasted journey. Getting home I did an inventory of the cupboards and freezer, found there was enough to last a couple of weeks, three if I invented some novel recipes. However yesterday I ran out of milk. Now that card index in ones brain is very strange. Sometimes I can't remember from the day before, though from over half a century ago I recalled something our French teacher said. She insisted we called her Madame so that's where she was coming from. She said that French people put a Knob of butter in their morning coffee instead of milk. Don't try it, it's disgusting, waste of butter and a mug of tea.
    Got to the local shop after dodging brain eating zombies and sniper bullets, but was understandably confused. Picked up a bottle of cider instead of milk, didn't realise the mistake till I got home. Wasting stuff in this present crisis is criminal, so had to force myself, just for the common good. Don't know if twas the patriotic fervor or the alcohol but felt better after.
    Still got the best part of a liter of gin stashed away, only had the top knocked off if, but that's being saved for a real emergency.
    All thing must pass, we just got to ensure we're still around when that happens, take it easy and stay safe.

  3. A few months ago while stocking up on wine in a French wine supermarket I bought a bottle of absinthe on impulse. The dilemma is should I keep it in case terrible times come or use it as hand sanitizer. Why is life always full of such tricky decisions and is the green fairly real or not