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Saturday, 21 March 2020

So Lock down All But Complete.

What Next One Wonders.

We really have entered a very strange place in our lives, have we not? Despite assurances that the enormity of restrictions and life style losses are just a measure to stop this virus from spreading contrasts with the statements that it's not as bad as seasonal flu. The alleged assurances that few out side of the vulnerable are at any serious risk and that many billions of pounds, dollars or whatever cash is to hand, as if it's petty cash, all fly in the face of the draconian measures taken.

Now if, as I suspect, this virus is far more life threatening and dangerous than we are being told this alone raises dilemmas few of us would elect to have to solve. To that end I have to admit to myself that whatever the truth of this pandemic is, revealing it would be impossible.

Why is that so? My understanding is that the dreadful greed, selfishness and nastiness already pasted across the internet, Facebook and twitter in particular, which shows either pure selfish hoarding greed or profiteering tells us that if the pandemic is far more dire than revealed, rioting and violence would break out.W e are not the people and Nation that survived two world wars, savage bombing and grievous loss and bereavement.

I'll not dwell of the political posturing that, with the aid of the EUSSR, has transformed European, white cultures. Notwithstanding the horrors engendered by the German Nazi Reich, they were defeated and they were rightly vilified for the manner of their inhumanity and slaughter. However the subsequent transformation of our culture has rarely, albeit often been beneficial, been of any deep and lasting benefit. However all Nations have their criminals and trailer trash underclasses. If we argue those to be always proportional to the size of our populations, it follows that the larger a citizenry the larger its constituency parts.

To that end a pandemic will always be harder to control and eradicate, the larger the demographic pool to control. One could suggest, therefore, that the outbreak sourced to Wuhan in China should logically be of greater numbers than we are told. Yet our media now report no new cases in China for three consecutive days. This I consider worthy of some suspicion.

Which also brings me back to the amount of information we are chosen to receive versus the huge expenditure and clampdown we are experiencing in the efforts to mitigate and contain. Yet if it issuggested by some scientists, then should an antidote not have been already created? Do the Chinese have a vaccine already in use? possible this virus was cultivated in a laboratory, with good reason to suspect the same,  as 

Who knows. Perhaps Ms Thunberg has the answers being a very wise sage. Or the XR nutters who never saw this type extinction coming. Too busy tilting at climate windmills perhaps. Indeed any economic recovery feasible post this dreadful pandemic will need too apply the draconian type actions this virus is causing to dumping the climate change mantra. 

Just stick to the pollution  and nest fouling of so many at the expense of others. You only have to witness the mess XR demos leave behind. Or that at Glastonbury this year to be avoided at some benefit to one huge sewage dump in one place! In fact this pandemic will have some silver lining attached in the reduction of wasteful, selfish, global tourism. Time will tell.

Enough for one day, no doubt. The sun is out, the garden awakes and the crowds are dispersed. Not all bad, is it!?


  1. Don't panic the government officials say endlessly but what we see happening around us shows just how much faith people really have in government announcements.

  2. " A scientist told how a sick bat attacked the researchers and.....then the dog ate my homework "
    Cause and effect.
    Let's look at it the other way round because we all should see what the effect is going to be.
    Bankrupting nations, stalling the inroads we are making against globalist totalitarians. Causing a genuine fear that assists the aim of globalism.
    The cause should be obvious.

  3. RAC seems at first to be far fetched.....then we realise how the deep state WAS on the back foot. Now in full control of us all. Hmmmmm.......

  4. Not in control of much really O R, I have just taken my dog for her usual walk and there are more people and cars about than usual. We even have some illegal motorcycles ripping up the grass in the park and people spitting in the street. How we could enforce any kind of isolation with our absentee police force is beyond me.

  5. Anon, this burst of fabulous spring sunshine after moths of rain and gloom was not a good time to isolate. My usually quiet sojourn with Dobie in the local forest was awash with people. Why is beyond me. Groups of cyclists puffing and panting over each other was ridiculous too see. Stupid is not even close!