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Saturday, 7 March 2020


A Few Asides.

Priti Patel is a strong and excellent politician. Add her preparedness to treat the Mandarin Class as actual servants of the people, is long overdue. We can but hope she and her boss will prevail. Omens are good with a four and a half year minimum time to crush those too arrogant to accept they're not as wonderful as their, mostly male, misogynous DNA ancestry is used to.

A relatively harmless for most but very catching virus is creating meltdown in the globalist, deep state propaganda machines. Rather a nice diversion from global financial chaos still unsolved from 2008-2011. Plus it keeps us from reminding this media circus we have left the EUSSR and need take no further bullying from their Mandarin, unelected buffoons.

The Royal Family. God save the Queen. As for the rest, oh dear. Andy lover of and besty with a convicted paedophile is not a good image. Charlie still at odds with maturity and sanity. Bill and the fragrant Kate come up fresh and sparkling. She in particular. As for 'Arry. hard to say but Megs sure as hell wears the trousers. Can't last very long, it really can't.

Overarching everything remains our terrific Government's majority. If some rebels don't like the Huawei it still would take some vote to not pass any Parliamentary requirements for a majority. Is it as important as suggested?Nah just another twig to beat up the Government with.

Note Labour still have Steptoe at its head. Starmer the front runner new Blairite choice. The leftards might have something to say about that. Fun to watch these embers being stoked to create a very dim glow left.

It really stil feels good to have witnessed and now live under a powerful and decent Government and a PM with a sense of humour! Plus spring and summer coming! What's not to like.

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  1. Yes indeed O R what a pleasure it is to have a proper government with a decent majority. The days are longer and it's raining less so things are on the up with the weather. Now all we need is another child Messiah to lead us away from the terrible Corona virus like the one saving us from climate change and all will be wonderful.