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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The EUSSR Are In A Panic.

As All Bullies Do, They Look For Ways To Still Bully.

Of all the nastiness already poured over the Brits, that meted out by this bully always stuck in my craw most. Oh the joy of his behind the scenes ranting now. I can think of one word that these clowns used you think we were but now fits their sulking nastiness. Impotent.

They still can't understand the enormity of our 12th of December defeat of their placements and bribed or blackmailed cohorts, totally dominating our  Parliament, only to be thrown out for their treachery and deceit. The EU's reaction and bitter, angry unpleasant response is gross to witness. Amusing if not so nasty.

Now they have decided that nothing has changed. They are the powerful, mighty reps for their deep state masters and those able to sanction their corruption and wealth. Fishing and the plundering of our waters is to be demanded to continue as awful and debased as ever. Any trade competition forbidden so as not to threaten their protectionism and unfair rules. The ECJ to rule on any disputes. Yeah that,ll be so impartial won't it? Not.

WTO looks ever more likely and inevitable. Can't wait!

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  1. Sad silly antics from the self important parasites who used to rule us. They are indeed panic stricken as they start to see the evil empire they built to enrich themselves crumbling. We got out just in time and can now enjoy the spectacle of the remaining members of the EU tear each other to bits trying to decide who will cough up the millions they can no longer extort from us. God bless the United Kingdom.