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Monday, 10 February 2020

The Climate True Reality.

One Big Scam.

Earth without or at least a hugely reduced human existence will be just fine. The present day gross and pathetic attitude to "climate" will, eventually be laughed at by future generations. If you think this is heresy, I suggest you read this document. There are many, many other such people of his standing and ability feel the same.


  1. Axle, thank you. Finger trouble and should now link from the last line. Much obliged for your trouble and visit.

  2. It's not only a money maker for the globalists, it's also a control mechanism, look how many nanny state laws and restrictions emanating from the climate fraud needlessly affect our daily lives.

  3. It allows the powers that be to get away with petrol and diesel prices at over £6 a gallon. It also allows those rich enough to own areas of land to rake in fortunes from wind generators sited there. All in all its a great way to frighten the peasants into handing over their hard earned cash to the already rich. How about the house of lords a 3.1% hike in allowances yesterday, they are now on £323 a day. It's all got to come from the common herd somehow.