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Monday, 17 February 2020

So, Another Working Week Commences.

Still The MSM Are Puerile And Bereft Of A Sitting Duck Government.

The MSM must be thanking God for a C-19 possible pandemic and the ghastly spate of flooding across the UK. It sure helps them to avoid the Syrian Government liberation of Idlib Province. The POTUS damp squib impeachment farce and the UK's powerful takeover of Brexit and our departure from the EUSSR.

Their, the BBC and SKY moronic "news" outfits, world has one minor delectable stimulant, of course. Their beloved Bliar clone, Starmer. Bland, smug and self congratulatory, he fits the yawning gap in the narrative. A pathetic tilt at the PM's Christmas break. Begrudged and targeted with the usual glee that any hint of impropriety by a despised, common sense Government will be salivated over. Briefly. Starmer may still not become leader, either. Becky Wrong-Daily remains the Corbynite favourite I believe!

The "reshuffle" such as it was was disappointing for the Mandarin class to such an extent you could hear the wailing from Whitehall, here in Ludlow. Let us pray it continues and a total change of the UK's Establishment's grip on our lives is loosened. The GE of December 2019 may be a gift that keeps on giving. Despite the vitriolic attacks and jealous outpourings against Dominic Cummings, things are very good for we of a "Rightie" persuasion. I remember only too well Alistair ghastly Campbell and his time as a hit man for Bliar. Literally probably when we study the Dr. Kelly available information. Not that embargoed for one HUNDRED years.

Mind you the media still have their climate change scam to feed us. Plus the tragic death of one of the modern but flawed and drug addled beauties that come and go. Note zero mention of the possible part played, in her fits of violent anger and now reported suicide, of  a lifestyle that today almost always involves the use of drugs. I'm not talking aspirin, either. 

However, since most London chatterati are besotted with and obsessed by their drugs of choice, no big deal. The consequences of their use on children, teenage gang related killings daily and the barbaric squalor, so many are consigned, to just below the London set floating above in their yachts and jet-set posing, is unfashionable to discuss. So "shhhhhhh".

I'm afraid I suspect that this terrific majority for the Government will have some disappointments. The task of reversing our dreadful decline and awful state as a Nation will probably be impossible. Still we won't have, I hope, the EUSSR to worry too much about. I wouldn't swap the mess they are beginning to wallow in with anything in store for a Sovereign UK. Now that's cheering, is it not?

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  1. Things are most definitely looking up for the UK. It's so good to see a PM with the courage to make the changes we need. At last the nay saying prophets of doom that infested the May government and undermined our nation are being thrown out. Of course Boris isn't perfect (he is a politician not the Pope) but so far he is doing a great job. For the first time in many years its possible to think we might one day be a great and independent nation again.