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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Joyous and Hopefully Long Lasting.

Draining The Swamp.

The spats whirling round our excellent, for a change, Home secretary, Ms Patel, are not surprising but still unedifying and unpleasant. particularly for their intended target, the strong and worthy Priti Patel. For at least 20 years and indeed for many other post WW2 decades, the deep state that is the political wing of the billionaire Soros like oligarchs of the modern world, the Mandarin Whitehall Class have been overreaching their remit and duties.

As amusing as the "Yes Minister" programmes were, there always lay an unspoken and debilitating menace for our Nation beneath that humour. Often darker than many realised. Today, with, at last, a majority Government of strength, the swamp draining, or at least stirring, is possible.

Every department of State has been infected with a shadowy, secretive, plotting and conspiratorial cabal. N doubt ensuring that their successors were properly groomed to continue the dominant grip on power now endemic in the very psyche of this self declared elite. No accountability, arrogant nastiness towards their perceived transient Ministers and a certainty that big rewards were to be garnered by siding totally with the EUSSR federal ambition.

The disdain for Ministers only marginally less than for the electorate. A belief in their absolute control as too not fear a referendum or an election last December. How wrong their hubris steered them. What, as of now and for almost five years, if not many more,  awaits these treacherous and disloyal people is unseemly publicity and revelation of their past behaviour. 

Such is the opportunity for the PM today as to be able to reign in these dreadful and ghastly people and turn them back into Civil Servants, nor rulers behind closed doors. Long overdue and heavily part of our enslavement to Brussels and Berlin. These morons counterparts in Europe no doubt still believe their agents in Whitehall will bail them out. I think not.

One big resignation today, hopefully precedes many more tomorrow. The big jobs for a new Mandarin class to become only available to decent, honest servants wholly committed to the service of their Ministers and we the people. If this comes about we will truly become a superb Nation once more. The PM must and I suspect will, put his team and choices before any cowardly Uriah Heep of a Permanent Secretary. The title must lose the security of Permanent. Just a euphemism for unaccountable.

On another topic "du jour"  and media starlet, Thunberg. I have nothing but disdain for this manipulated child. I assume she has a precocious doctorate in climatology studies. Adiabatic lapse rates, the history of planetary physics and geology and fully appreciates that what is happening in today's climate has significant historic precedence. If she has all of these studies passed then perhaps I should take note. 

However all I can see and hear is a display of slightly dazed wonder and stunted physical development. A child with issues being shoe horned into permanent childhood for media delectation and big profits for mum and dad. Frankly I find it nauseating and infantile.

Have a great weekend. I shall thanks too our wonderful result last December. A victory for common sense and true democracy.

Seriously, she's lecturing us all? Needs to grow and mature first.

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  1. Mrs May and the remainers almost destroyed the Conservative party and as a fifth column came close to delivering our nation into the hands of the EU. Mercifully and as a result of a lot of hard work by dedicated patriots their plot failed. It's wonderful now to hear the shrill screams from Westminster's treacherous EU worshipers as the wind of change blows into their corridors. They are lucky they live in civilized times as historicaly collaborators were often dealt with differently.