Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

I Post Much Less Now We Are Post Members!

I Am Content.

Firstly I feel an urge to share this post with you. Not known ever since Mrs. T's departure have I been pleased with our present political position. The link to the PM's speech excellent. As was the speech itself. Such uplifting optimism and such joy at becoming masters of our own and children's' destinies.
Cause to be content indeed.

Furthermore, at what is now an advanced age, I feel my own life is more stable and devoid of threats of yet more tax on our hard won labour. Even the love of our lovely home and garden and its views was considered by Prescott, then others not so long back. All my new found relaxation now shared with a special Lady for whom I also now feel will have  better later years. Certainly now Labour and the leftard, gross fools and infantile, gullible children, are on the floor. Long may they remain there.

We have travelled well but now devote much of our lives to this piece of English history we are now caretakers to and is our home. Our garden will soon awake from its Winter slumber and the joy of welcoming back those colours and abundant, luxurious foliage is as exciting as any 5 star hotel or sunny clime. As for the actual journeys. No thank you. Crowded, irritable airport venues, scuffy and ignorant, in the main, pushy hordes of barely sober folk, not for us anymore.

Sure the deference of luxury hotel staff, often genuine but also often purely a job, was often pleasurable. Though I'm sure resentment was frequently their lot at the inadequate rewards for their  hard work serving others. Huge affluence sadly as exploitative as enjoyable. We are only ever unique within our own thoughts and feeling otherwise just faces among billions, surely? Billionaire or bell boy.

So, I am content to be in this place. The referendum pointed the way, only to be followed by close on 4 years of evil and corrupt nastiness from our Establishment and political classes. A miserable, scary period. Thank the good Lord those Anglo Saxon attributes won out on December last! Helps me forgive even the unsavoury fellow travelling of them, mentioned above.

So, dear reader and or followers passing by. Forgive my self indulgence today. I am inspired by the growing level of common sense emerging. Rome wasn't built in a day but it was built. The United Kingdom can and I believe will become "Great" once more. If we don't, it won't be down to our Prime Minister but a failure to fully accept his guidance, intellect, choice of lieutenants and hard fought battle to bring us to this point in history.

One where the puerile threats and demands from the likes of that buffoon, Barnier are ludicrous and really, really stupid. The idiot seems to think he's still talking to Maybot. That weak, atrocious excuse of a PM and accomplished time waster. Well, Micky B., you really are no longer the holder of any meaningful cards and the dealer now is Prime Minister Johnson. Contentment assured!


  1. It's good to see your posting O R and I am delighted you feel happier now we are a free nation again at last. It was a long, hard and at times dangerous fight to secure the victory we did. Relax for a while after all those that laboured in the vineyard through the heat of the day have reserved a rest.

  2. Anon, you are an I aspiration. Thank you.

  3. Fantastic post. Thanks for the optimism.