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Monday, 24 February 2020

Deep State Bums On Show!

Mooning They're Not. More Like Unaware Builders.

The headlines as to the new, 80 seat majority, Government, wishing to curb the decades of Mandarin, deep state collusion and power sure has sparked some ire. Reminds me of the levels the CIA hve gone to to try and stop then topple POTUS. "Quelle surprise"  our spooks are probably just as corrupted and recruited to the cause of the rich and mighty. Money is supposed to talk, is it not?

Just like their fellow puerile, smug, EUSSR counterparts, the democratic mandate was never meant to have been allowed to remain so strong and deliver 5 years of real power to an elected Office. Well played Mr Cummings and a well chosen sidekick, Prime Minister. The mark of a promising great leader, is his choice of inner circle and delegated Officers.

The nastiness aimed at the Home secretary tells us so much. Firstly she's the real Home Secretary, not Sir Self Righteous "I'm so special and here for life", unaccountable, secret Mandarin. Almost 5 years to legislate to make all civil service personnel accountable. The EUSSR would surely follow if they survive long enough.

Roll on a long, balmy lovely summer. Stuff the Canute climate change bunch. Another useless "movement" full of stupidity and greed for attention. 

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  1. In life from time time you have to put your trust in someone, for now I will put my trust in Boris. He is only a man and he will get some things wrong as all men do in fact I think he might already have made a mistake with HS2 but time will tell. After the terrible Mrs May and Mr Cameron plus with the memory of Mr Blair and Mr Brown still in mind it's hard to say anyone in politics today would do a better job than Boris. Politics is after all the art of the possible so for me right now it's got to be Boris warts and all so to speak.