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Friday, 31 January 2020

Still A Long Way To Go.

Tonight We Start Out On A New Direction.

I make no apology for the sentiments expressed today. The craven and vitriolic nastiness of the modern chatterati is rife across the airwaves of our despicable, globalist lackey media, this morning. No matter. The British people have stood firm. At 2300 this evening we make our first step out of the dreadful entity of the European destroyer of history, pride in belonging and leave their cage.

Leader of this pack of howling morons, Bunty Boulton. Still sneering and unpleasant. His EU bonuses likely done for. As the BBC struggle to realign their news output to appeal to 5 year olds, the SKY scum would do well to clear out their gross excuses for human beings. The word remainer does little to express the depth of nastiness of so many of them.

Still, not all bad news. Gina Miller looked broken and defeated. sad to use harsh descriptions but heh, they never held back did they? So, I'm off to collect our Doberman's new Union Jack collar to parade at our local for the second the clock strikes our official departure. Can't wait! That preceded by champagne with Mrs. OR's mum and supper at the pub!

Of course there's trouble ahead. Always was and always will be. That we can face the future and deal with whatever does appear as an independent Nation is joyous. As for how tough it might be just check out 1939 to 1945. Now that's what "tough" is and was. We were pretty well abandoned then with mutterings from similar quarters  such as we have today. Then we suffered Lord Haw Haw, much as we now have Bunty Boulton. Both spewing out lies and treacherous spite.

I'll not go on. Well done the people of Great Britain. Pride restored, hope once more possible and the future in our own hands. If this Government screw up then we can tell them, as we did on the 12/12/2019, in no uncertain terms, don't take us for granted or for fools. Have a great day. Especially remain folk who accept graciously the democratic vote just before Christmas!

Here is another chance to view this great piece for today. How e have beaten the "elite". For now.


  1. Happy Independence day O R. It's been a long hard fight but we made it in the end. I shall raise a glass at 11:00 PM and say God bless the UK.

  2. Thank you Anon. Enjoy the glass!