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Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Of This And That.

For goodness sake. The battered and bruised media doomsayers are bereft. POTUS rightly tells the world and Grim Greta to get real. For some better science visit here. Check out the percentages of component gases of our atmosphere and see the scamming for what it is. Of course we have been treated for over three years to a diet of media diatribe over BREXIT. So where to go for more gloom is their problem.

Well, Harry and his Mrs are giving them an outlet. However they are struggling to move from the "golden couple" imagery to the now sulky, "it's too hard", whingeing of a spoilt and somewhat disappointing, mega rich, spoilt brats. So the climate, deep state rubbish is to the fore again. Went so quiet for a time. Then a further whitewash was engineered. As so often is the case. That can keep for now.

So the hint of it all being our fault, or down to brexit is a mighty struggle for the likes of SKY and the BBC morons. Bar a quick smirk at the remainer Lords, privileged hypocrites, now sucking undeservedly at the teet  next door to the now devastated and better for it neigbours in the Commons, voting against the WA put before the House of Minions Lords. That was a bitter pill to swallow for our idiot media. Bitter for the now unimportant and meaningless fact that their power, like the mass exodus of traitors from the Commons, has gone back into then hands of a powerful, Government majority.

So all I have left to say in this post is be happy, optimistic and dismissive of the hugely discredited scum we have been forced to endure for decades. Today we are now told we are likely to trounce the EUSSR economically in the next two years. If that then continues until 2025, we could be in a place I will feel pleased to see handed on as I approach my own mortality! If nought else I will have witnessed a quiet, democratically balloted result I thought the human race was done with. 

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  1. Indeed so O R for the first time in decades the future looks bright. Less than 2 weeks now and I can almost taste the celibration ale already. As for the remainer lords and assorted civil servants etc. They would do well to remember Boris has a long memory and a massive majority ,they are not dealing with the likes of Mrs May this time.