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Friday, 3 January 2020

Deep State Out Of Control.

Trump Signed Up To The "Firm" It Seems.


It appears that the West's deep state has lost any sense of intelligence and abandoned all reason. Whatever the secret facts behind the death of Qasam Soleimani I see nothing more than an act of murder excused by a sense of righteousness totally contrary to the killing and the manner of it. Is it to blood Trump as a new initiate to the deep state ranks? Some kind of special test before he gets honorary status?

Who knows. For sure Yemen was a consolation prize for the Saudi's failings in Syria. As for Iraq, Iran, Libya and indeed Afghanistan, the West's meddling greed has got the world little more than hatred, war and terror. As ever, the rich and powerful will profit, at the expense of millions slaughtered, to fund the gross depravity that stalks the rich and powerful.

How dreadful to hear the UK's Raab praising the cold blooded murder of others even if deserving of such a fate, whilst happily turning a blind eye to the horrors on our own streets fuelled by such atrocities we commit. That and our ridiculous welcome of thousands of people who wish us, seemingly with some cause, harm and vengeance.

As for our, or rather "their" tame media. As complicit in all the evil done in our names. Their pathetic climate change mantras as pathetic as was their Brexit fake news and support for the remoaners. What an awful society we in the West have become. Destroyers of worlds begun with the Middle East. A cauldron of deception, lies and treachery exploited with relish by the gangsters and arms dealers across all sectors. 

Shame on the lot of them.


  1. If you are facing impeachment and then an election it probably seems a good idea to make a show of being a strong leader. As always of course it is usually the children of the poor that are pushed into the front line, was it 3000 more soldiers sent to the area of conflict?

  2. How sad we remain in the gutter.

  3. I'm not rushing to judgement on this OR. It seems to me that the Baghdad embassy riot/attack was going to ginned up into another Benghazi embassy attack and no doubt Soleimani was going to be involved in overseeing the event. PDJT put a stop to it, and if one remembers H. Clinton let it happen on her watch.
    What got the ball rolling was a barrage of 30 rockets fired at the K1 Iraqi military base in Kirkuk, and the resulting counter strike which in turn led to the attack on the Baghdad embassy.
    Who was actually responsible for rocket attack on K1 is unknown but thought to be those with Iran sympathies.

  4. It is ironic that PDJT was aiming to get out of the endless ME wars and bring his troops home. Whoever it was that attacked K1 caused the opposite to happen and he sent more troops over there to protect the embassy.
    So why would Iranian sympathizers want US troops to stay in the ME, if it was them who did the rocket attack.

  5. Thank you RAC. If only we could see less meddling in the ME from the West and USA. The day will come when these ISIL style fanatics will get nuclear weaponry and crazily use it. Then the Middle East will be no more. Thing is what then happens across the Globe? Climate destruction then, no doubt.

    1. It's more likely to be a dirty bomb in London O R. Much easier to make and think of the consequences if such a device went off in the square mile.

  6. A Bill Still report......