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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

A Very Sad Loss.

A Blogger Who Surpassed All Expectation.

Firstly I link to Mr. Ishmael's farewell posted by Mrs. Ishmael. A very brave gesture, may I suggest, at this time. No false expressions of sentiment should be risked for this man unless, I feel, he could reflect and therefore admire, if he thought sincerity drove such mentions. 

I was and remain a mere follower and will say no more, other than to ask any of my readers, still left, who were not familiar with Mr. Ishamael's writings and his "Polish plumber", his death is not too late to "catch up"'

I would link, too, to his "Christmas post", just before his strength ebbed away.  As good a post as ever he produced.  I'm sure many of my fellow supporters of his work might well concur. One of very few real, fair minded and genuine believers in a fairer, better and less belittled existence for the human race as a whole. Rather than the enslavement of billions by the nastiness and greed of the very, very wealthy.

Like myself, I think, Mr Ishmael believed riches were not intrinsically wrong but the huge inequality and power held by, more often than not, an undeserving cabal of obscene wealthy and often unpleasant people, was significantly wrong. I hope I am not being presumptuous here in proffering these interpretations but they are as I felt his to be.

Rightly or wrongly, he gave me hours of pleasure and dare I say, therapeutic mirth and satisfaction. No part of life went unscathed from his work. Celebrities clobbered and then some. Politicians' pompous idiocy and gross habits, ergo "Gordon''s nasal excavating", Mr. Ishmael employed to prick their bubbles of superior self entitlement. The House of Windsor, when deserved, walloped as necessary. The SNP reserved a special kind of multi coloured clearing of the throat! I could go on. Brussels was not of his liking for sure. The Church a concourse for his travels and admiration, its clergy not so beloved.

He will be sorely missed from the still active and worthwhile platform the blog format retains. The need of modern communications now, for many, has to be instant. As Mrs. Oldrightie observes, mobile phones are now replacement dummies, or, to use her word, pacifiers. An environment now for the whining and whingeing generations to seek instant solace, comfort and fame, knows few boundaries.

All so immediate and lacking depth. A yearning for attention once confined to family gatherings, now shoved out across the globe in an attempt to gain the crown of the loudest baby getting the most and earliest responses. Mental strife the latest demand for others to provide answers where once individuals could and did for themselves.

"Call me Ishmael" a name to give the  very fact of modern obsession with things unreal, impractical, stupid and banal. Thank you Mr. Ishmael and your dear and I suspect, beloved, Mrs. Ishmael. You have kept many of us from despair and lifted many of us out of our darker places. Missed and a yawning gap created. One which will remain for years to come. Forgotten never. Rest in peace and remember to say sorry to Peter and his big boss!

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