Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 20 December 2019

The Joy Is Becoming Unbearable!

A Parliament Not Seen For Decades.

Watching the opening of the debate just now. How pathetic to listen to the drivel of 31/2 years or more pouring out of Corbyn, the fat SNP millionaire and others. It was as if they had been left on the benches whist an election took place and refused to believe the electorate had made it totally clear how they felt over their terrible nastiness and attempt to castrate the possibility of us ever having a Government again, other than from Brussels.

I make no excuse for featuring the above superb artistry and poetry combined, that has graced my blog for many years. Never did I expect its fading sentiment and beauty would be restored in all its patriotic glory. The global deep state elite have been defeated in a battle they never expected to lose. Their EUSSR face immense debt. Morally and economically. 

The EUSSR also now have a free Nation able to wave flags and banners for the joy of self determination, Nationhood and belonging. Family, as a wonderful and decent human condition, has a voice once more. As for the now defunct for decades, if not ever, leftard federalists and their ludicrous class war and politics of envy, thank God they're trounced.

As in Westminster so in Brussels. Their loud and dictatorial Verhofstadt, bolshy Barnier and Miserable Macron are all still in shock and clinging to the stale rhetoric they spout. Behaviour of superiority once so smugly dominant ruined. Maybe Macron will now pull back his storm troopers and Gestapo from their assaults on his people. 

All of these privileged ranks of an undeserving, mega rich, ruling elite, are no longer able to get their own, selfish and greedy way. Their mouthpieces claiming a deal can't be done by December 2020 showing their stupidity. Article 50 always had a legally binding provision for WTO terms after two years from being invoked. The 1.5 plus years we have endured beyond that, a dubious legal position.

Still, enough. This battle has been won. We are about to leave. Failure to ratify Parliament's decision today, by the EUSSR puppet Parliament, is just not a problem anymore. All that would do is bring us free under Article 50 WTO treaty law on the 31st of January. Ratified by Parliament if their decision is gainsaid by the EU Commissars!

Should that come about, I doubt much would change and by spring we'd be back buying BMWs, Claret, brie, edam and tulips. Just as we have done well before this common of common market protectionist rackets was created. A second Battle of/for Britain secured. Hopefully we'll do a better job of winning the peace than we did in 1945!

It's likely to be a very, very happy and memorable Christmas with music from Ode to Joy played for its (beauty) not its foreign, faux anthem to dogma and ideology. Enjoy!


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  3. Something going on here. Anon, thank you for your support. Your and DR's comments removed?!

  4. Yes O R something is going on and comments are being mysteriously removed. My last comment contained no strong or contentious wording and simply thanked you for your years postings and wished you and yours a good Christmas. Roll on the 31st of January, I shall having a celebration lunch in Wetherspoons, very fitting when you remember how Tim Martin supported Brexit.

    1. The joy is something I had despaired of. Your kind comments kept me going. Have a great Christmas.

    2. You to O R, a plentiful supply of good English ale, the thought of what this festival really means and the last new year under foreign domination, what could be better? God bless UK and grant us a great future.