Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

The Embodiment Of Our Nation.

One The Leftards And EUSSR Have Still To Crush.

That spiteful rush to damn decency, call everything abhorrent that seeks the love of belonging. Love of one's birth place and native, ethnic kin, all ridiculed by the ignorance of inexperienced, infantile leftards' belief in their own immortality. That only the young are special.

Well, if selfish greed, something for nothing, stupidity is the way to go, it looks like its a longer, if not impossible treachery to human nature, to travel. This piece from the 2019 RVP and next years Last Night Of The proms, (can't wait), will remain the soul of what belonging is all about. Sacrifice in the service of kindness and decency. Yet tempered by the reality that only within close, united values and democratic acceptance such a philosophy works.

Back it up with Christian values as much as possible and you have a perfect handbook by which you and you alone can live a full life.

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