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Thursday, 5 December 2019

One Interminable Week To Go.

I'm Still Clinging To My Self Inflicted MSM Purdah.

I am still only marginally into this referendum vote next week. Out of interest I have considered what I have definitely not missed. This ugly knut possibly the best part of not avidly following every second of the propaganda power of the dominated leftist, self  entitled, rich supporters of a so called Labour party.

His rather mutton like colleague, Burley, also highish on my list of least missed and faux angry of the media crowd. Only minutely more watchable than the arrogant, anti English bunch of the BBC. Not one of those cretins have I stomached a minute or so more than the 120 seconds I have given the, TV in particular, old, tired, worn commentaries. I've caught the odd Bojo clip. Also strange that he still has a pleasing demeanor compared to the rest of the LibLabCon usual faces.

Looking daily more like Steptoe and surrounded by IRA and terrorist sympathisers. One a Mother of a rabid, police biting, feral, private scool failure of an addled son. A wealthy Marxist Shadow bean counter, as spiteful as so many of the chip on the shoulder, politics of envy peddlers mirrored by that LibDum Woman. Jo something or other. Rich on the back of corrupt EUSSR funding to Hubby. A woman who makes the biter's Mam appear wordly and wise! I ask you.

Then there are those Manifesto pledges. I have no inkling of what they are nor care. Only one thing matters. The chance of actually leaving the EUSSR with a leave honouring Parliament. Now given that electoral fraud is now enshrined in our unwritten Constitution. Plus fraud is embraced deeply by the Labour lot, together with the connivance of the EU, Swinson and most remain supporters. We must realise the odds are stacked, as they have been for decades, aginst democratic freedom and honesty and our leaving the EUSSR Club.

All of the above notwithstanding, maybe, just maybe we will have many of the gross individuals behind the evil guile of the last three and a half years of lies and betrayal thrown out. Whatever, I shall watch, possibly most of the night, the results coming in. That will be my one and only whole TV full programme by a mile I shall have invested in this possibly last ever meaningful UK vote.

Unlike the farce of 2017, when the result was inevitable, the lies made manifest and the manifestos of utter banality, just as now, I suspect, this vote next week may yet slap the deep state mightily. I pray that will be so.

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  1. I just can't resist it O R! Every election night I sit up watching it unless I am at a count making sure right wing votes don't get put in the wrong pile by "mistake". This time I might be lucky enough to relax in my chair and if so I shall have plenty of good English ale. Not long now O R keep the faith.