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Monday, 9 December 2019

Less Than Three Days Of Waffle And Lies To Go.

Will We Really Bound Free On Thursday?

I wonder if we shall be as in the picture above come Friday morning? As I surfed momentarily the TV news channels this Monday morning the amount of Labour imagery, coupled with an air of trepidation was most rewarding. I hope their despondency, the public faces of the deep state, leftard foot soldiers, will be manifest large come late Thursday into Friday morning.

The splendid WBA victory of West Bromwich Albion yesterday be repeated in the substantial realisation of the deep state that the UK's real leave the EUSSR desire is greater than 2016 and its rigged ballot showed. Who knows?

In conversation over a meal, in a local, timber framed old Inn on Saturday evening, with friends, the omens were agreed as looking positive. Complacency where the global gangster and political cabals are concerned, never a power to be taken lightly. That said people power throughout history has eventually triumphed. Its the volume of evil and horror along the way that is to be feared.

That all said, a report has surfaced that the TV election coverage has been significantly less watched than ever before. In itself a revolutionary step in the right direction. Bunty Boulton and not alone, a face now twisted with even more insincerity than usual, as the real indicators we are never privy to might well be his rather than our worst scenarios.

The BBC lot also less chipper than in 2017, a year when their inside info. told them the election was going to produce a huge remain majority, to ensure we'd never leave the slavery destined for we little folk. We lovers of freedom and proper democracy have been cowed and bullied ever since. The Civil Service, condoned by May, merrily colluding with Barnier, to slip our enslavement ever deeper under the EUSSR yolk.

Well, we have but a few days to go. I and i suspect many others have found the time to have gone quicker in this "campaign" purely by ignoring the MSM in the main. The Torygraph's total and slavish support for the discredited Tory lot and their anger at the Brexit party's obvious resonance across the Country more amusing than disturbing. I may be proven wrong. 

Not least wrong because the levels of voting fraud are an unknown. However if, as in 2016, that fails to win on Thursday and the true depth of desire for an independent, free future wins handsomely, it will be a glorious victory. I suggest even greater and more joyful than the referendum result in 2016. If we choose freedom then I suspect the terrible, German led EU Empire will be crushed n my lifetime.

We shall soon know!


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    1. Hmmm seems censorship is alive and well even here.

    2. I am at a loss there. I'm the only administrator and rarely remove any comments. Too few as it is!

    3. I didn't think it would be you O R it's true you have strong opinions but you don't delete comments rather you seek to offers more reasoned arguments. In essence I said I would be having a few pints to celebrate if Mr Corbyn failed to get elected. The brave new world of the left where you may not speak unless you agree with the left is almost here it seems. A late night tomorrow O R with a few bottles to see you into the small hours? :-) Let's see how long this comment stays up, the last one was down in just a few hours.