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Saturday, 7 December 2019

How's That Giant Groundhog Doing?

Very Well, It Seems.

Two matters are related in this scenario. The Brexit referendum vote next week, often stupidly called a General Election. The belated but groundhog link here is the belated attempt to make it yet another "NHS election". FFS. 

Also supposedly high on the effort to secure the groundhog atmosphere is the ridiculous climate change debate. A deep state scam mired in half truths, faux and lied about science and the whole new industry of guilt manufacturing and misery engendering crap. For some proper climate work and science just one place you need to visit. For one, it shows the ludicrous waste of wind turbine profiteering.

As for the "referendum". The vibes are very good for Bojo and his army of sadly misguided, in the main, followers and wannabee MPs. Sure it may be a big improvement on the sleazy crowd of remainer traitors and liars, en masse, of the last grossly unpleasant Parliamentarian swine. Even those who appeared sensibly anti May's sell out deal are now supporting an equivalent packaged BRINO.

Yet, with a good if not substantial majority, a handful of TBP MPs, a better chance of that than we are meant to believe, Johnson may well be able and possibly even prepared, to play proper negotiator with the EUSSR Commissars. Cancel all previous Parliamentary instructions and orders and get us a proper exit.

There has been the odd hint he might, including the few odd minutes of my recording of last night;s meeting of lie competitors. Bojo probably the loser in the extent of promises totally impossible to fulfill. Hence the better plausible as a PM. Granddad now just a tired, scruffy old auto cue fumbler, past his sell by date. The Blarite factions sensing blood.

As for "groundhog day", well any close look at the West's teetering economy can see we are back in 2009 in this instance. Indeed, probably even worse than then. Major Company's, especially retail property specialists, are heavily in the mire. Any hope of rescue for the dreadful crash coming would be a trading and political alliance with the new, great powerhouses, China, Russia and India. 

Yet two of those are now being groomed and vilified, by our deep state, as enemies. That because of their trading power, not any expansionist hegemony, as displayed by the West post WW2. Here we have a new world order contest for supremacy not a groundhog moment. Other than the stupidity of the West in failing to embrace the competition on a fair and peaceful stage.

Remember, post WW2, the West has enjoyed, if that is the proper word to describe it, an arms trade pretty well a monopoly until the early 1990s. Those big bucks squandered in the gross flesh pots, luxury yachts and Prince Andrew style debauchery and privilege now less fashionable!

So, I suggest, despite the boring and banal referendum campaign of these last three weeks, all of them steeped in groundhog fibs or outright lies, we may see a new world order on the horizon. Not least when crypto currencies and gold standard new economic powerhouses emerge, above the oceans of debt and future bankrupt poverty, I'm sad to say, the deep state has dragged us all into deserving. 

All that unless our deep state is disbanded and we get a political class ready to embrace all trade and opportunity the human race is long overdue in seeking. There will always be jealous, racist and corrupt bad guys. Right now, most are to be found outside China and Russia. Many worshippers of the delightful groundhog creatures. Change is not welcome for the deep state, is it?

Good luck for a non groundhog outcome Thursday!

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  1. In the 70s we were told a new ice age was due to start, is it possible that human release of CO2 is all that is preventing the return of the ice? Study of our past does indeed seem to show that we are well past the middle of this interglacial. Regarding Brexit we live in sad times O R, I think the best we can hope for is the indeed less than perfect Boris deal. It's really not a bad time to be an older person considering what the future might hold for UK.