Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 13 December 2019

For Now, Unparalleled Joy.

What Will Be, We Shall See.

For now, I'll just do this!

As for the result, I suggested that this was more of a leave/remain referendum than a GE. Also that TBP and Nige would do far more damage to Labour than the Tories. So it appears. My reaction to this meltdown of the remain cabals and Grandpa's mob, well, as above! In spades.


  1. After 40 years of campaigning to leave the EU my prayers had been answered. It's been a tough and at times dangerous road but the end seems to be in sight. Is it all I wanted, no it's not but it's more than I thought I would ever live to see. God bless Boris and God bless a new and freer UK. Thanks are also due to you O R and many others like you for your years of dedicated campaigning. More work coming soon but for now let's relax for a week or two and enjoy the festive season.

  2. Most kind, Anon. A joyous moment.