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Monday, 30 December 2019

A New Year Beckons.

The First Time In Decades We Begin A New Decade With A Free, Sovereign Nation Possible.

Firstly I would refer you to this link and fellow blogger. The leftards approach to life. secondly I would like to emphasise a tenet I have long posted on. The deep state or as sometimes referred to "The Establishment". A Telegraph article of today, by Nick Timothy, has now placed the existence of such an Established Corps of people very much the enemies of freedom and democracy.

"(Yet) there is a deep cultural and intellectual bias across the top of British Society. It is no conspiracy but in the civil service, the media,business, courts, quangos and universities, there is a remarkable uniformity of opinion that has shaped our Country and the decisions of our governments for the past few decades."

He goes on to describe these people as liberal technocrats but still avoids any link to a global factor. I do make that link and regard many of our losses of freedom and the control so powerfully constructed since WW2 if not earlier, as a movement in its own right. The terrible and clumsy EUSSR a perfect example of the "liberal technocrat" smug creations.

We must also remember the collusion in 2008 with the trillion dollar existence of the gangster classes, too. The well documented manner the very same, let's call them "LTs", threw away any semblance of decency to beg for bail outs from the lowest and worst practitioners of human existence.

An alliance formed between arms dealers, Blairite warmongers, profiteers in death and war and now on our streets across the Planet, the slaughter of innocents by the foot soldiers of the LTs.
Turf wars, abuse, people trafficking and a smorgasbord of depravity now infecting even young, barely teen, kids. The decline and fall already embedded in our society as every empire before in history.

However, the right thinking right side of human conservatism has bitten back. A special bloody nose to those who felt untouchable. The working class, dismissed as lower orders, rose up to express their disgust at the last three years of nastiness, spite, lies and vitriol passed down via their perceived staunch controllers of the lower orders.

I doubt we can halt or even reverse the decline. What has happened is all the more remarkable for doing so. We have, for now, slowed the descent into the hell most, the many not the few London bubble dwellers, felt they had us already consigned. So wonderful was December Twelve's result and the public, shocked to the core faces, of the deep state's useful idiots of Corbyn's brief and disastrous reign, Christmas has really rung out with the hope so attached to this festival and celebration.

I will close with a quote from the article's last paragraph. A reminder that a great victory in battle has been won. A bloody conflict which started with 2016's shock opening rout of the doomsayers! There is a long way to go but for now we have slowed the rot.

"Without having to dirty their hands fighting elections, (guess who's hurting there) the liberal (sic) technocrats have risen a long way. Brexit was the first time in decades they have tasted defeat. Then came the election and now comes Boris. But (wish conjunctions didn't start sentences) their writ continues to run large. If ministers want to restore democratic government to Britain, they face a long fight ahead."

At least we are still in the fight for 2020, if not even for the rest of my lifetime!



  1. Happy new year to you and yours OR, and to all who continue to support a proper Brexit.

  2. Happy New Year O R. Only a few weeks to go until we are a free nation again. True it will not all be easy but that's freedom for you. I think it will not be long before the unfortunate member nations of the EUSSR will be seeking free trade deals with us as the evil empire crumbles