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Monday, 11 November 2019

This Is Not An Election.

Despite The False Manifesto Garbage.

This one is presently peddling a crap, regurgitated vomit ridden May treacherous treaty. Many sheeples will be fooled. Indeed are being. As for the rest, well, Liebour are spinning round in circles. One says we are a remain party, then their Grandpa says well we aren't really. The LibDums are claiming they are now a "bollocks to brexit" Party as if they were not always so. many will vote for the subjugation and enslavement they seek.

As for "bollocks to brexit" that is, in essence, "bollocks to a democratic 17.4 million voters". A rare truth in an ocean of lies. Sad fact is these same, timeworn pretend election campaigns are just decades of same old, same old, rubbish. So boring millions are turning off until the 12th of December.

As am I. This is and should have been, all about leaving the EU's clutches and saving billions and billions of our tax revenues for the UK. Ergo, as in 2017, all about brexit. Even so, the parties and their media hacks are once more attempting to divert the referendum matter as a stigma and unpalatable issue they all wish to lose.

Only the Brexit Party is hovering, thank God. Their warnings and the truth, of the dire consequences awaiting another remain parliament pretending to be leave, during this latest referendum election are warnings some, if not many may well heed. The alarm in the the Torygraph and other places, at this unwanted Party;s present points at a potential success they fear.

The palpable sense of concern from the Establishment is the only bit of fun to be had. The possibility of yet many more years under the EU yolk is scary. There is out there nothing bar the Brexit Party, to prevent another stale acceptance of a hung parliament that they vote for a deal that traps us ito a servitude like never in History known before.

The consequences of that likely outcome, sadly, will be slow but inevitable decline and eventual destruction of the United Kingdom. Broken into pieces to be dominated by the faceless deep state that is this EUSSR construct. A true and reincarnated Soviet Union of the West. All the horrors of that regime repeated ad nauseum, in our own subjugated and oppressed Nations. 

Unless this and sadly unlikely, ballot in December saves us. A victory against the all powerful deep state as we experienced but briefly in 2016's ballot. Only for it to be betrayed. We shall see. I'm not, I'm afraid hopeful.


  1. Bad news TBP not standing in any Con held seats, that leaves me with only the option to spoil the ballot unless i give the single indy candidate my vote.

    This news is a double edged sword, on the one hand Labour mouthpieces will claim TBP is just another Con party, and that claim looks justified in some ways.
    On the other hand, no BP candidate does not mean the fake con party will pick up the vote instead.

    What the tories have failed to grasp is that we weren't going to vote TBP instead of Tory, but because of the Tories who are in too many cases blatantly fake and putting party and career before country.


  2. It's a sad sad thing to say but after the betrayals and underhand anti democratic carrying on of the last 3 years plus I think I might accept a Boris Brexit. OR is right it's a terrible deal but TBP are not going to win many seats,if any at all, and maybe any Brexit is better than none. At least it would give us a bit of separation from the EU which will crumble in few years with luck anyway.

    1. "....which will crumble in few years with luck anyway...."Yes and I hope it does but when that happens we need to not part of it and not sharing the bill, as it is likely we will be dragged down with them.
      Then there is the small matter of the thousands of ISIS terrorists that Turkey is making very real threats of turfing out. The eu lets all the fake refugees in do we want that.

    2. All the points you make are very valid. That is why I would with a heavy heart make the best of a Boris style Brexit. It might provide us with some protection from the foolishness of the EU. Yes it's far from ideal but maybe any separation from the EU is better than none which is the preferred option of most of our MPs.