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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

The new Speaker.

Let's Hope He's Not Nobbled.

On the few occasions this man was permitted to preside over minor, rarely televised sittings, he was a refreshing, modest, firm and fair beacon of hope compared to the poisonous little cuckold of a chap. His name soon to be hopefully forgotten.

Some of the contenders were gross, for the post. Harridan Harriet for one. Plus "underpants Bryant. neither exactly wholesome folk for the post. My only surprise was Keith Vaz wasn't on the list. No doubt that sickening purveyor of narcotics and supplier par excellence will be back, however. Knows too much I suspect of fellow players in his preferred play time get togethers.

Now if The Right Honourable Speaker Hoyle gets to referee a truly brexit majority, TBP represented good number of members, my life and concerns as to our subjugation would be alleviated. Of this I'm sure. Unless TBP do do very, very well, we shall have a hung Parliament with just a few deck chairs in different places. The ship of state will still sink further into the swamp.

As for the electioneering. Note the deep state media easing their efforts the LibDum way. That will be until they begin to see the Con Merchants of the now diminished morality of the once great Tory traditions. I just have no interest other than the hope TBP do come through strongly. The rest are chancers, overpaid ans expense fiddling multi millionaires. 

Swinson head and shoulders above the money grubbing bunch, with Hubby a fully paid up earner at the tax payer's bruised teet, dangled by the EUSSR. Labour well populated via the Kinnock, Mandleson and Bliar ilk. Corbyn just another in decades of socialist hypocrites and betrayers.

Still, as I began, so I'll close. It's not all bad. look how the new Speaker might have addressed Parliament.

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  1. I agree O R the new speaker will be better than he last one. No matter what does it is surly impossible to plumb the depths the poison dwarf did.