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Friday, 15 November 2019

I Keep Saying.

This Ballot Is A Referendum, Not An Election. Drain The Swamp.

So our Goebbels reincarnate media are ground hog day  again, like mad. as I predicted. A very cursory look at QT was awash with the NHS problems. No mention, of course, of the thousands a week influx of the world's detritus, was the? Then Corbyn's ridiculous fibre broadband crap. 

It's coming on as well as anything the UK's failing infrastructure can manage. Our Nation a dumping ground for political manipulation, propaganda soaked education, or rather indoctrination, socialist, USSR copycat system utter nightmare.

I'll not go on at length, however. All of the claims and counter claims, promises of largess and utterly ridiculous, deluded, stupid and stale electioneering is a joke. As it was in 2017 as tired, useless and failed swamp dwellers squabble over which of them can produce the slimiest filth and rotten, decaying silt at the bottom of a very deep cess pit that is modern EU politics.

Ergo this vote in December is, as I shall spout until then, a second referendum in all but name. If, as I hope and pray, we are able to blitz the ditches and depths of the swamp that is our political establishment and their EUSSR puppeteers and really shock them, it would be wonderful. 

It can and should happen. Unless the vote rigging counter attacks succeed. We shall see soon enough. Whatever the outcome, without a clean WTO exit, the war will go on. The anger most of us feel, remain or leave, at the interference from Tusk, colluded and carefully crafted, should blow up as comprehensively as did Camoron's nasty deal with Obummer. 

Thus the fools in Brussels will do as they did in 2016. Overplay, with an easy worn and smug arrogance. One incapable of believing their monolithic dictatorial an patient destruction of the wonderful European nations we all really love as separate and once noble but now tainted cultures. pay back time, fellow Brits. Forget the lies, ignore the media and vote where your cross might restore British pride. May be your last chance, ever.


  1. I have already volunteered to attend the opening of postal votes and if required will give up my time to watch the votes counted. All right thinking people should be aware that more than ever before election fraud could cheat us out of any kind of Brexit this time round. Never forget that a good score keeper beats a good player any day.