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Thursday, 21 November 2019


It's Proper Meaning.

As with all things modern, words are manipulated in so many ways, their meanings become anything a cause, campaign or diatribe wishes. Energy a case in point. However many times, the more scientific meaning and the relationship between heat and energy, is the most definitive. Not least because our and probably other planets derive their life forms from a sun or heat source around them.

So we can assume, in all fairness, that our Planet Earth has all of its many facets, fauna and plant life being just two, are created via the sun's energy and our relationship with this vast source of energy. A nuclear event around which we spin and survive. Also a source of such power that will eventually consume our planet as it approaches its own final burn out. So much for saving the Earth.

Now let us consider the following. All of the resources of our Planet and that of the Sun are, in human terms, finite. Where numbers exceed our imaginative grasp we tend to push them aside. A convenient way ignoring the truth of Nature and our own eventual demise. as individuals and as species. At least here on this tiny earth.

Therefore whether we use, consume or abuse our available resources, we are only speeding up the eventual extinction. Thus, it may be argued, the use of those resources with which we are blessed need careful management and consideration. Not their dismissal or waste. That is to say, it is management and fair distribution that should preoccupy us, not the renewable dream for that which is dying anyway.

In fact, such is the puny capability of humans in the face of nature, ingenuity and survival is blessed, were we to realise it, with resources to help minimise the effects of natural occurrences. Be it fossil fuels to power our rescue and fire fighting machinery, vehicles, aircraft and even amphibious craft. Or natural gas, coal and timber to warm us, cool us or cope with that which we have to endure depending on cycles and climate changes over which we have zero control.

As for sustainability, we have bio fuels which can be grown, forests replenished and a plethora of technology yet to become manifest. Sure wind and solar power is an excellent use of alternative energy resources. However to ignore the pollution and costs of lithium for batteries and power to forge steel, composites and concrete foundations for massive wind farms is to ignore the ridiculous manner we are going down these paths.

Our world has become, in the West in particular, one bent on faux self righteousness. A passion and obsession by some to be seen as holier than the rest of us. It's immature, ignorant and stupid. The human race deserves better. Far better than deep state nasty and manipulative greed for a few powerful, rich oligarchs. When we look at the facts, we are all on the same journey to the end of the world. It should be comfortable for far more than is presently the case. 

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  1. With luck fusion powered electricity will stave off the end for a considerable time. The sad fact is, however, we can not continue to produce ever more people because the planet is not getting any bigger. I doubt if humanity will see the end of it all, we are just another species that happens to be doing well at the moment. Like the dinosaurs we will have our day and bow out, our asteroid is out there somewhere and its a matter of when not if.