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Friday, 22 November 2019

Deep State, Deep SKY.

Can't Let This Go.

This cretin displays the type of ghastly characters now bloated with their deep state salaries. Arrogant, fake news peddling and gross waste of human flesh. I am watching very, very little of their rubbish, lies and propaganda. This morning I caught a brief but savage and as ever, nasty piece against the Brexit Party.

It claimed, wholly without any evidential submission or fairness, that the loss in the Peterborough By-Election was the end of their, the Brexit movement, campaign to change British politics. No mention of the blatant fraudster's presence alongside the Labour crook, though. Too embarrassing and hard to hide in December if mentioned now!

See, a criminal offender with a track record of guilty vote rigging but not a word. So, emboldened with this rigged fake assumption, it went on to claim TBP is of little consequence in this election. Such weak and desperate broadcasting suggests otherwise. Not least after some, true polling is rare to find but heh, it's still "stuff". No mention of this on SKY was there! Or anywhere else.

Not only that, I also note how hard any Google search is when looking for anything reasonable to learn about the real state of peoples' thinking. So far Twitter is OK. Perhaps yet to catch up and ban TBP like they have and did THE FBM. Or as PayPal did in stealing subscriptions from For Britain. That pesky and smelly deep state is really rattled. 

The same deep state meddling, CIA funded and probably staffed, gangsters now after Bolivia's lithium deposits. The new oil hence the sudden new places to destabilise moving away from the once oil rich Middle East. Part of the climate change scam to create new empire lusting after places hitherto dismissed and their poverty ignored. We really do need change, folks.

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  1. We must never forget that truth is the first casualty in every war.