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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

A Tiny Glimmer Of Life.

In This Referendum Election Campaign.

There's likely to be some more spillages for Nige and Bojo Brino to come, too. As for the "Islmaphobia" claims and NHS being sold to The Donald crap from Labour this morning. Talk about playground stuff. Not so much lively electioneering as blatant exposure of the infantile politics we endure today.

Much of this brand of playground pettiness comes from the sourpusses of the EUSSR. A group of privileged plonkers now terrified their sinecures just might be ended. Their fat salaries and pensions become as vulnerable to "events" as we little people have been forced by their policies to suffer over decades.

Albeit Bojo Brino looks set to be May in drag, on our actual leaving of the EUSSR clutches, we shall see if their is a club still around in the coming two or three years of global economic meltdown to leave! With that dreadful and corrupt Legarde desperate for cash at the ECB, things look pretty dismal for some time to come.

One thing is looking possible. This election result could be dynamite. After all,  a goodish majority for the Con merchants supreme, sorry, Conservatives and some leave MPs tacked on, DUP possibly, once more, plus who knows a handful of TBP members, we could still see a proper Brexit. We shall see.

My real, deep down wish, is something so explosive for the people and damaging to the deep state that real change may be possible in our Nation. I know this might be up with the fairies but we can dream, still. At least until that becomes a crime. Spiritual or VR "hate crime". You know, like that phobia or I should say fear of people who behead others on film. Rape and pillage at will. Treat others not of their persuasion as less than human. Just like a certain European Nation circa 88 years ago!

No talk of Naziphobia at the time, was there? I'm reminded of the saying, "the more things change, the more they stay the same". Still, soon be over for a few months! Election, that is.


  1. I think we have a fair chance of a half decent result for both the election and Brexit O R. Goodness knows those of us who have lived through the entire disasterous reign of the EUSSR deserve at least that. Here we have only the big three on the ballot paper so it's Boris or stay at home for me and I never stay at home. Stock up on good food and ale O R and pray for a better new year. There isn't really much more we can do at this time.

  2. I nice touch of welcome optimism. A couple of Swan Arm Breakers will be at the ready! Thank you, Anon.

  3. The similarities between the policies of Hitler and Corbyn and their associates' tactics send a genuine chill through my body...

    1. Don't worry too much, its more than likely Corbyn will come a right cropper in the election. After that his party will rightly blame him for the disaster and kick him back to where he came from. With a bit of luck we will be out of the EUSSR in January and have 5 years of stable government.