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Friday, 1 November 2019

A New Remain Parliament Looks Guaranteed.

Same Old Same Old Election Atmospherics And Dull Predictability.

God alone knows how or why but these two clowns are the likely winners come December the 12th. I thought, stupidly, that a General Election would save us from such a nightmare of a future presided over such as those two. That May's or Clown Bojo's rehashed sell out would be consigned to the dustbin they deserve. How pathetic I feel today.

Johnson squirmed his way through an interview with Kuenssberg like some smug Lothario totally indifferent to his own evasion and words whilst leching over his ridiculous belief he can win a leave Parliament. So much for his supposed intelligence.

Like all of them he has underestimated the electorate. If lucky he will gain more votes, as did the useless May but he will not dent the 490 cheating, lying remain numbers to a degree sufficient to allow a real exit from the EUSSR's clutches.

Note the lack of mention by ANYBODY about the billions we have to hand over. The fishing waters, what's left of their bounty, still sacrificed. The trade deal restrictions, the military surrender of our forces. The list this "deal", in reality, a sell out. far worse than remaining actually is. Yet are we are expected to vote for this? Right now, so we're told, there is no other choice.

Well, you already failed May replacement, with your do or die promises as tattered and shredded as May's "no deal better than a bad deal" crap. Your "deal", man, is no more than brown bread instead of white. It's still a sandwich full of vomit, treachery and betrayal for a filling.

If only our system wasn't so rigged in favour of the incumbents. If millions, as may well happen, vote for a proper brexit and the one Party promising it, we still will face a dreadful, non representative Parliament. maybe even a Corbyn nightmare. What the hell is left?


  1. The result of the leave vote shocked every one, even if truth be told, us leave voters. That level of disgust for the eu has not diminished, on the contrary, 3+ years of Con+multi party deceit, treachery and arrogance have poured fuel on the fire.
    The arrogant Cons, only interested in the survival of their own precious party, claim TBP will split *their* vote, that's all they're concerned with.
    Way I see it is a hard core of tribal Cons will stick with them, they're the ones now making excuses for johnson, there has to be a processes, it takes time, it's like a dvorce, we've heard them all. However it will be they who will take a few votes away from TBP who I think will get the bulk.

  2. And I will add for the Con fearmongers who say that if the Cons are defeated the combined multi party traitors will keep us in the eu.
    What difference will it make? Johnsons Brino deal is going to keep us in any way.
    This is it, final attack, no second attempt. Vote TBP