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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Where's Brian Rix?

His Brilliant Farcical Take On Stuff Now In The hands of 90% Of MPs Like These.

Just two faces of the EUSSR minions but encapsulating the whole nature of the EU's  despicable little people. None of them able to fathom the nightmare future that awaits this EU tool of the deep state, when it's done it's job of enslaving billions across that Continent is complete.

These self same people will be tossed out to face the wrath of the downtrodden and the ridicule of the new masters in their place. As with all dictatorships, not a single individual can escape their redundancy and the need for them to  be silenced once their knowledge of the burial grounds becomes redundant for the executioners.

It is farcical but with a dark, menacing cloud above it all of the terrible evil to be unleashed further than Catalonia, France or Greece. As with all dictatorships their decline is always more brutal than their secretive rise. The need for terror, murder, genocide and brutality to survive is well documented throughout recent history. Let alone ancient. 

The truth is that, despite an enduring capability for decency, compassion and excellence, the human condition always descends into a morass of hatred and horror. Especially when stoked by jealousy, covetousness, greed and evil. To be witness to the stupidity of the present global deep state's belief that their swamping of divergent cultures, across the Planet, will end in a powerful, almighty  and small elite of rich and powerful oligarchs is pure madness.

No matter how long these idiots will luxuriate in their privilege is irrelevant. One day their world will be collapsed. Probably from within. The real sadness is the damage and destruction done and to be done before a guaranteed reckoning gets assuaged.

Just imagine when you witness the ghastly characters such as Grieve, Hammond, Soubry, Verhofstadt, Merkel and deep state General Selmayr that, despite a link to Brian Rix farces, are as amusing as eating someone else's vomit. If you enjoy your life at the moment, savour it. Those under 40 years of age will have little left to enjoy and only dregs of life left to them by the folk I mention or their devil's spawn. 

If you think this OTT. I refer to those "quick to chide and slow to bless", as I often do. Known in modern history as Nazis. The most telling part of that description being the "Socialist". The camouflage of choice for all evil ever known in human existence. Pol Pot, Hitler,Stalin, Mao et al. Cuddly executioners if such an oxymoron were useable. As in the pictures below. Compare and contrast.

The deep state mentality to be seen in both photographs and which give reality to the terrible farce that is the EU project.


  1. At least you tell it like it is O R let's hope the voters have the good sense to support the Brexit party if (and I mean if) we get another fair election.

  2. I don't think the Con-fidence tricksters ever had any intention of getting Brexit done. They've run their course wasting time playing good cop, bad cop. Hoping to wear the voters down to accepting Brino rather than remain. They cannot put off an election for ever and their treachery will be remembered for a very long time. Vote TBP .

    1. After the last 3 years > it is hard to believe that the next election will be a fair one. I think I have lost all faith in our so called Democratic system.