Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 18 October 2019

What A Terrible Let Down.

The Glaring Remain Treachery In Spades.

That quote is the very essence of the EUSSR. One that also sticks like excrement to most, indeed nearly every, Member of This parliament. Unless, highly unlikely, Boris Johnson has some Machiavellian angle up his sleeve, this TREATY is nothing more than a stage in the process of keeping us firmly trapped in the Fourth Reich.

An organisation already violently suppressing any dissent in Spain and across France. This betrayal now perpetrated from Mad May's regurgitated gruel of a Treaty, is a disgrace. Tomorrow we can expect the nasty, smirking wreckers of our freedom and democracy, to be in full flow. The poison dwarf that is Letwin. His fellow midget Bercow, Hammond and Grieve will all be sickeningly pompous in ensuring slavery becomes the norm for future British people.

I can no longer find the words for this dreadful, terrible and unfolding destruction of a once proud Nation. One so special many, many millions have flocked here only to be used as fodder to suppress freedom. 

At least at my advancing years, I will have lived more of my life in what was but is now lost, a good, caring, law abiding culture. One now about to be killed forever. The brain dead generations behind me will, one day, realise be it far too late, how much they are giving up. At least they will be around to suffer the consequences of their stupidity.


  1. Expressed so well there Rightie i can add little.

    Just another betrayal from the tories, you'd think we were used to it by now but because WE are fair minded people we hope, in vain, that they might just once do the right thing.

    TBP it is then.


  2. TBP if the clowns ever let us have another and fair election. Even then we face fraud and vote rigging!

  3. From the reaction by Letwin, I think they suspected Boris was going to pull a fast one. If the report that the EU were going to reject an extension and demand no deal or a GE may have been a result. However the traitors amendment will quash that possibility and in fact allow the coup parliament to amend any agreement until it is actually remaining.

  4. Despair comes easily in UK today O R travel in hope is all I can offer. Many of us feel just like you do but we might just might see a miracle in the house on Saturday. God bless you Sir.

  5. Only thing I can say is not to let this betrayal be swept under the carpet and forgotten. Support TBP and vote for them every chance we get, There's an article here that might show a glimmer of hope, some may understand it better than I, but vote TBP or against the treacherous Cons any and every time.

  6. I just came across this, if I may go OT and hark back to your 12th Oct article.
    Seems they tried the Greta Thunderbox stunt once previously, and strangely enough the world didn't end.