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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Survival Rebellion.

Without Deep State Funding.

Those who seek profit everywhere happily trade on the power of manufacturing guilt, exploiting the dumbed down generations of snowflakes and creating plastic martyrs out of non recyclable fools and ignorant, deluded dupes. Why do I write this?

I say the above because of evidence. The West is awash with contradictions and hypocrisy. let us consider the "protesters". A fool is shown aboard a City Airport flight lecturing the passengers. A declared, probably passenger ticket XR funded seat. The irony of the fuel he is wasting as the aircraft is held, engines running whilst he waves his smart but stupid owner phone aloft.

Then the plastic tent dwellers and the "camp" served by a poorly disguised diesel generator. Another blatant example of ignorant hypocrisy. This before we check out their travel footprints. Not just to London for this disruption and aggravation but their personal life experiences. You know, gap year global travel. let's face it, if we were to become extinct, that would go, in their argument, totally favourable.

There is the contradiction writ large. Lose the human race on Earth, bingo. No more pollution by their use of natural resources. Animals free to expand their populations, regulated by nature's synergy of predation. I suggest the real drive behind "climate change" protest is, in essence, a juvenile obsession with devaluing all the better parts of human nature.

Climate is a wonderful, ever changing fact of nature. Pollution an irritant which, in reality, damages the polluter far more than the Planet. We can improve our approach and the volume of pollution with more individual stances on personal activity than the expensive waste of massing together, at the great environmental cost of pollution such unnecessary behaviour creates.

If only such energy was expended in rooting out the evil of child sexual exploitation throughout once civilised cultures. If only corporations were forbidden to exploit third world poverty to furnish wasteful mobile phone stupidity. Kids dying from toxic byproducts so Tracy can tell Lilybottom of her latest exploits and the stale sandwich she was forced to throw up!

As for fossil fuels. Natural gas is a clean, natural product either discharged naturally across the globe or harnessed for the benefit of hospitals, homes and the old and vulnerable chances of surviving harsh winters. Just as the Inuit tribes in the harshest environments use fur and flesh, carefully protected, to take they through the extremes inherited as their birthright.

I could go on. Note the mass media pressure to promote these movements. Then ask why? Well, for one, check out the money earnt by wind turbine manufacturers and their aggregate suppliers of tons and tons of concrete, steel and fuel required to erect even one massive bird slayer. Now there's a genuine extinction survival campaign worthy of consideration, is it not?

As for the science these fools ignore. This wa 2017 but also recently addressed. Don't tell the kids. Here's one from July, 2019. There are many, many more factual elements to support these. Common sense, for one. We have collated as creatures, massive understanding of our planet over millions of years. Creatures came and went.

Apply some of the seized on but illogical stuff our protesters and holier than though delusionists do. Methane and its association with animal husbandry. Are we then able to postulate that maybe dinosaurs died out due to their contribution, in enormous amounts, of methane? Give me a break.

Nope, all I can think of is that too many privileged, bored and lazy generations do not have fulfilling and busy lives to manage. That or the pay to attend such protests is higher than they can get elsewhere. So a jolly, self righteous, defecating and polluting mess across capital cities are just too jolly to miss. My reaction, "Get a sodding life". 

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