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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Please Let This Be A Non Rigged Election.

Let The Useless Present Crowd Be Marmelised!

Just a few days ago this smug posse of treacherous self interested morons travelled to Brussels to meet with their and our masters' minions to collude in our subjugation. They were a posse of like minded 600 hundred or so MPs, part of the 80% who stood on a "implement brexit ticket" two years ago then have fought tooth and nail to prevent a proper, clean break.

This very morning the weasel words began. Grieve to Bunter, "Hold on, I want a "proper" brexit, not remain", or words to that effect. Squirming to reposition now this shock election has arrived in the middle of the sell out successes he thought would be forgotten by 2022.  He won't be alone. Just watch and listen as those "Benn legislation" assasins pretend their actions were altruistic and meant to stop a WTO deal when in reality it was stop any deal at all.

The scum media are already acting and speaking dismissively of any powerful swing against this Parliament so set against the people. Their take is the Brexit Party will be irrelevant, Farage his usual failure when it comes to General Elections. They omit any references to the fraud and Establishment stitch ups of 2017. The Londinista cabals smugly telling us it will be as always.

The take and the tone of the MSM coverage across all TV channels will be the same old, same old. Their pillows poised to stifle any departure from the status quo necessary to further our enslavement by the EUSSR. Their cameras will be placed, as in the last two years, to give us that ghastly swastika replacement of subjugated gold stars on blue. Reminiscent of fighter pilots' victory markings on the side of their aircraft.

Please, oh please, let, just for once, it be another 2016 moment. One when Trump peed all over the deep state of American corporate power and greed. The fantastic, despite all odds, fiddled ballots and EU fraudulent pressure and Obama's intervention, a referendum result that shocked the chatterati and deep state well and truly.

That followed in 2017 by a manipulating, lying and deceitful Election where a hung parliament was, in essence, none of the above but a begrudging vote for those from all parties who dared not speak out as full blown remainers. Maybe some genuine attention to those who will try those same nasty tactics, push the politics of fear and mendacious trickery, will be found out. 

Right now that includes Johnson and his May deal with an even worse, awful betrayal. Come on people, vote only for certain, proper, clean Brexit candidates. Anything less gives us decades of enslavement and billions of subs squandered for the benefit of others. We voted to leave once and were shafted. A second chance rarely given by the EUSSR lot is there to take. 

Fraud able to be quashed by a powerful vote for the United Kingdom and possibly the very last chance to remain a Sovereign, Independent Country. It will be tough but it can be done. Don't let the deep state win this battle. it will probably decide the war itself.

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