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Tuesday, 1 October 2019


The Depths Being Plumbed In Westminster.

Mrs OR sometimes makes the joke phrase, "There's a face you wouldn't tire of slapping". Probably get her arrested these days. However for me it's a very good phrase and for those with a brain, funny not violent. Surely the truth of that is in that expression above. A sudden awareness he's dreadfully disliked and his time in Parliament is pretty well over. We hope.

As for the use of lurid. The Supreme Court of  Arrogance decision, the empty benches in Westminster, the petty refusal to close for the Tory Conference are lurid actions of desperate and growing, panic struck, deep state lackeys. Like Grieve, many of them scared witless at the threat of losing their 30 pieces of silver.

I have really tried to fathom the apparent certainty, by such people, that the EUSSR is somehow a benign power. It is unelected, bar showpiece productions for useless and expensive MEPs. It is endemically corrupt and costs its members billions. It now has a toe hold on the military forces of its so called Nation States defenses. You can guess why, surely.

So the terrible, lurid (shocking and immoral acts) are getting evermore fantastical. Bercow to be turned into a midget PM to strut across to Europe with a white flag and abject smirk at how well he is serving his spiritual masters, for goodness sake. Jezza frothing with indignation that too many quislings won't stomach his squatting in Number 10.

Then the ever ongoing effort to stop a legally, Article 50 binding law, that was enacted to prevent exactly the mess we are suffering by having WTO terms automatically part of any failure, after two years, to reach an alternative agreement. So much for obeying the law. All of this notwithstanding the fact that EU law trumps UK law on this matter is quietly forgotten. A major reason for the referendum loss to the remain argument.

So what next? If Bojo can duck all the ordure from his enemies, dodge 20 year old, two to tango allegations, until now kept very quiet indeed, perhaps until sensing blood and promotion success, to combat looming menopause fears. Not fall victim to a very nasty, harpy campaign, led by Burley and Rigby, with the third such creature, Kuenssberg, ironically of Sottish hue, alongside their cauldron, he'll have earnt the right to lead us out of the new German Reich across the English Channel.

As for leaving on Halloween, some "trick or treat" that might be! A treat for we democratic believers, for sure. A trick not expected to prevent the tricksters themselves seeing how we all feel about the last three and a half years of treachery, surrender,collusion and outright despotic nastiness. Not least the identical venom once directed at Nige, now diverted and increased against Bojo. 30 days to save the UK sounds about right, does it not?


  1. There seems to be too much news focused on the Irish border, as if it is the be all and end all, it is not.
    Look here, don't look there, what else Boris is planning doesn't seem clear at all. Not good.

  2. As you say O R pieces of silver, like Judas if you pay many of our state officials a few bits of silver they will rat out their country for you. The PC brigade have worked hard to make patriotism a dirty word and now we can see why. Boris is going to make a take it or leave it offer it seems. Part of me hopes it will be a reasonable offer that will be accepted and we can end this madness. If it's refused we are a great nation and will build a great future without the EU which is about to crumble anyway.

    1. Well this might help the eu to crumble. Just hope we are not part of it when it collapses.

  3. Snip from the above link....
    " What makes this even more excellent is the timing for Brexit. If Boris Johnson can get out of the EU without strings Trump can use these WTO-authorized tariffs to position a UK trade deal with the U.S. as a trade superhighway. Incredibly this WTO decision plays right into the hand of President Trump’s global trade realignment. "

  4. Just imagine, we leave on WTO terms, as Article 50 has already been illegally denied, then Potus gets a second term!!!!!!