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Monday, 21 October 2019

I See No Way Out.

Except For A Resounding Vote For The Brexit Party.

Juncker appears to be singing "Ode to Joy". Fitting as an anthem to a dictatorship that has triumphed so completely over the UK' pathetic Parliament of treacherous fools. One which now includes the weak, pathetic cave in of supposed leave supporters.

It was so ironic that Rees-Mogg and his son were verbally abused and threatened on Saturday when he's now supporting a BRINO treaty which will slowly stifle the passion to be free, the leave vote was secured for. Make no mistake, thiis "deal" is as so many drowned voices are trying to get through.

It is a surrender. We will, even were this rubbish to pass into UK legislation, remain shackled with all of the worst aspects we fear. Military handover, probably currency "alignment" eventually and the total disappearance of fish in our coastal waters. Add taxation being surrendered, the ECJ having the last say on every aspect of our lives and continued reparation fees for perpetuity.

Boris has not only waved the white flag, he laundered and pressed it first. A farcical and dreadful mistake. All that is left is one last chance. To sweep away all but a handful of real representatives, Flint, Field and Redwood the only ones prepared to support the referendum result I can now think of.

If any have doubts as to my judgement on Johnson, check out his vomit inducing letter to the EUSSR. I quote;

"PM's signed letter
It was good to see you again at the European Council this week where we agreed the historic new deal to permit the orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on October 31. I am deeply grateful to you, President Juncker and to all my fellow European leaders for the statesmanship and statecraft which enabled us to achieve this historic milestone. I should also register my appreciation for Michel Barnier and his team for their imagination and diplomacy as we concluded the negotiations."

These are not the characters many of us visualise one jot. What's left to say?


  1. I could not agree more, I was surprised at the amount of "leavers" who were mollified by johnsons abject sell out, fools, gutless fools.
    TBP is the answer, if that fails then who knows.

  2. How tragic to see the mother of Parliaments reduced to a copy of the Muppet show and presided over by a poison dwarf who clearly believes he is king.

  3. You've descended into a Daily Mail parody. Saor Alba.

    1. I'm unsure why it's a suggested parody. The Daily Fail rarely offers anything of value not even parody. As for "Free Scotland".
      Don't see how a minor provincial State of the EUSSR equates to "free". The United Kingdom was built on a colossal bloodbath to drench its efficacy in becoming united. Europe, or shoud I say Germany, sought the same route for Europe, failed so now trying this economic path. It'll still end in strife and violence. Such as already happening in Spain and Catalonia.