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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Clues very Hard To Find!

Some Look OK but What About The People, Such As Our Fishermen?

Much confusion reigns. Some good signs but if the piccy above were to have been taken today, I might be more optimistic. However, right now, there is a twinge similar to the morning after the referendum vote. A luscious sense of victory quickly followed by despair when Mad May was appointed PM, to block our leaving.

So what now? Juncker appears to have shut Rigby up then told her that he's saying exactly the answer she sought. No more prorogation! Weird he used that word but apparently he's saying this deal or no deal on the 31st of October! Nige is screaming BRINO. Possibly correctly. 

My reading, so far, is much of May's awful deal has been shoved into post BREXIT talks which was always a better way to go. Deal or no deal. If  I'm correct in my assumption, then this deal should be OK. Even shelling out £39 billion worth doing as long as we get out. Thereafter really, really take control.

Further possible good things here to consider. Has Boris been able to tell the EUSSR dictators he's no patsy, c**k sucking May, hell bent on lining hubby's bank accounts and keeping the UK in the prison that is the EUSSR? Has he outmaneuvered the EU and the UK lickspittle remainers? Has he screwed Mini Benn Junior's smug arrogance and litigation, about demanding the PM ask for an extension?

Final big poser. Is the Remain Parliament of liars, cheats and fools now having to face a proper coup? Is Saturday's gathering of swamp dwellers going to be faced with this deal or no deal? Certainly looks that way. I suppose the last throw of the dice the clown's will try is another Court Case. That'll be a lead balloon for most. Not least, with luck, the time a case would take and any appeal. Or the stupid demand for another referendum. If the latter, we leave anyway, then have a referendum on staying out or going back in!

It is all hard to follow but as stated elsewhere, the MSM's weeping and wailing proffers hope, if nothing else. Could this deal be the catalyst, the epoxy resin of a clean brexit? By that I mean the hard setting of a pure leave, WTO event, coming from the reaction of two sets of material. 

One, a deal agreed that loses the need to ask for an extension, the second a setting chemical, comprising the obdurate, deceitful, treacherous behaviour of MPs and their voting down this deal, that combines in our leaving with no deal on the 31st. Claude seems to have said so but that was after a lunch! Those pop corn futures back in the blue for now!

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