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Monday, 28 October 2019

Beware Fatigue.

It's The EUSSR'S favourite Weapon.

I have two links today. Firstly and related to that which I read yesterday in The Sunday Telegraph also; The best editorial piece in my life. Additionally a link to this Bojo sell out surrender BRINO. A scary and dreadful further understanding as to the horrors prepared for the UK's population. Punishment indeed for the temerity to try and fight for real freedom. The whole Nazi style venture exposed. 30 minutes you'll never get to hear anywhere else. Why Johnson chose to sign up to this, as yet, I cannot fathom. 

By modern standards of instant, propaganda and biased brainwashing, that 30 minute video will feel like an age to listen to. Trust me, it's worth years of the EUSSR tripe pushed by their treacherous media lot we've been fed 24/7.

So, yet another ridiculous, almost certainly illegal extension. All part of the dreadful deep state patience adept at, in order to gain success through somnolence inducing psychological warfare. A dangerous, subtle and almost 100% successful. I find myself slowly succumbing but am jerked back to wakefulness when I learn how terrible the consequences of falling asleep. Like hypothermia, death the outcome. In this sovereign matter and warfare, the death of democracy and freedom the price of nodding off.

Mrs OR is a history buff. She has little time or truck for the modern politics of today. Her garden  the antidote to the ignorance of our political classes and Establishment. Yet even she is moved by the slowly dawning similarities to the rise of the Nazi evil in Germany to the way we are now being subsumed into a similar trap. One now being felt in France and Spain with a draconian, brutal response from thugs in heavy armour and disguise identical to the Gestapo.

The very absence of any significant reporting, debate and spotlight tells us all we need to know if we snap out of, as the French have and the Catalan separatists have. Regardless of the merit Catalan cause, or for that matter the SNP desires, they do not nor should not, be facing the terror being inflicted. 

The jail sentences for separatist politicians are a disgrace but now part of a confident EUSSR elite in their ability to get away with, just as Hitler's followers did, with a savagery now part of the EUSSR's armoury of suppression. One now well advanced with the theft of it's member state's military might. As I write this post, our own military signed up to this process.

If, as may well happen with LibDum and SNP connivance, we have a General Election, how straight will it be? Remember the quislings ere long  and en-masse visited the inner sanctum of Brussels based rule. Swinson the surrender Queen at their head. A salivating Grieve and Hammond holding her train. people ready and willing to don the armbands to secure their own futures in the new order planned.

Is the GE already set up to give the tyrants all they could possibly dream of? I fear it may. After all the 2017 election was a victory for the EUSSR. One well hidden up until the 31st of March but almost certainly part of May'a agenda to remain. Here's a reminder of those shenanigans. Quietly implemented to get us back to another election vehicle to be dismantled of any real honesty of reliability.

If this Election does happen I will live, perhaps forlornly, in the hope that an honest, fair vote will deliver the referendum result. A dedicated, representative, democratic leave Parliament. Now that would be some Christmas present worth having! Only possible, however, without ballot boxes shipped across from Brussels and stuffed with the kind of fraud which is part of the EUSSR's accounting scams!

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