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Friday, 25 October 2019

Awaiting Our Dictators' Whims.

How Utterly Vomit Inducing.

Perhaps we should have surrendered back in 1940. At least we would have known who our enemies were. Unlike today when shadowy civil servants, self interested and nasty MPs from across the whole of Westminster and a deep state of the rich and powerful global mafia pulling all the strings.

Now our treacherous, Goebbels inspired cretinous media await with bated breath the announcement from our immediate rulers in Brussels. That is to say, how much longer they intend to ignore Article 50 and the WTO law in order to keep receiving billions of our tax revenues, VAT receipts and their icing on the cake of emptying our waters of fish.

Or put another way, how much they can destroy our independence via the ghastly WA route and still keep us in shackles, still keep our money going their way. It is a humiliation beyond suffering. We, aided and abetted by the cronyism lickspittle of our MPs. Johnson now firmly in May's camp and the pretend WA.

A withdrawal guaranteed to leave us pregnant with the bastard child that is the EUSSR. screwed beyond belief. How much further are we to continue being demeaned? Probably forever. Cunningly maneuvered and cajoled into a trap from which escape may likely be impossible. I see no way out.


  1. More than half of Parliament and most of the civil service have Stockholm syndrome, nothing else could explain what they are doing. Don't give up O R its always darkest just before dawn. There is a way out we must vote for the Brexit party or if you have a staunch brexiteer Conservative or even Labour candidate at the next election vote for them. We voted leave in 2016 and now we must vote only for those that respect our decision. Mr Corbyn can't stall for ever and the election could come before Christmas.

  2. This video is worth listening to, all the participants, but especially the lawyer and the girl with the blond pony tail.