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Monday, 7 October 2019

Are We Still Being Shafted?

It's The EUSSR. Of Course We Are!

I've been swamped over some 18 months by a bureaucratic nightmare with the local Unitary Authority. Our so called Public Services now seemingly, in the main, like the EUSSR Battalions. Incompetents paid to fend off the fat cat bosses getting dragged into any limelight. This modern warfare one of a secretive, almost invisible but for certain, a malign and nasty, corrupt deep state.

At the core of this present global reach of questionable stench, lies people, often gangsters, pimps and manipulators, who are untouchable. Soros perhaps one of this more widely known characters I suspect meetings he ever attends, of the less attractive, if any are at all worthy of the positive of that adjective, are meetings so secretive as to be totally hidden.

Now the depth of corruption, deep state allegiance and genuflection that dominates the EUSSR inner circles, is relatively visible. Except that our media fir accurately the phrase, "Non so blind who will not see". So the real shafting going on remains unpublished.

By this I mean the alleged intense negotiating and double  dealing going on only allows us to consider that it's just the wretched and false rubbish about the Irish border. Why can we not just follow the arrangements that exist for this lot? WTF is going on? Just the EU elite slavishly obeying orders from their secretive masters, I suspect.

So Bojo is said to be doing better than Tragic Tess in a fraction of the time. I refer to the LibDums use of course language. So stylish, not. Still applicable. If Boris is doing so marvellously well then a WTO deal exit would be the end result.

My thinking is that, as with TT, the Irish malarkey is nought but a smokescreen. There's no mention of May's signing over our armed forces is there? No mention of the billions we will have extorted by either an extension or even if we take the WTO route. You know, the route enshrined in Article 50 and law that was happily trashed by the Establishment and embraced in its destruction by May. Highlighted but ignored here, Note only Supreme Court bias is permitted, not factual international treaties! 

Anybody out there think I may be proved wrong? That we will leave on the 31st, get back our fishing waters, armed forces and economic self determination? Be free on the 1st of November, 2019? Will the foot dragging, media ignored Court Case, that we did  leave on the 31st, suddenly leap to the fore? Is this Bojo's secret weapon? We've left so this Hilary surrender act was unlawful, null and void? If only.

My forecast? We can never get a deal to leave unless it is of the Merkel-May-Robbins and their deep state masters' making. We get ourselves shafted even worse than as we are now being done to. That's the only sop the awful dictators will embrace. An enslavement and punishment package costing us all billions for our democratic temerity in seeing the despots for just that. 

Not, I hope in my time but one day there will be another Europe wide war. The blame for which history will write, as ever, in gallons of bloodshed watched over by the instigators from their ivory towers. At least until they get torn down into the Mad Max maelstrom beneath. Let us at least hope for some retribution in all that chaos and killing to come.


  1. Seems Turkey is thinking of invading Northern Syria and the US says they're not getting involved. Wonder if the eu empire will send its mighty legions/s.

  2. Another good piece O R well done.