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Saturday, 12 October 2019

Are All Climate Fools Duped Again?

By This Scheming, Lying Fraud?

Why do the likes of the EUSSR, Gina Miller and now this clown regurgitate so much already discredited history of their nastiness? Because they're well but often secretly funded. Anything that can be used to further Common Purpose, the political wing of the secretive deep state, constantly leaves the battle field of subjugation war to regroup and come back at all those who love freedom.

Freedom to debate and argue, freedom to question, freedom to vote and influence for the good. Instead modern life is a litany of gross political failure. be it the savagery of mixing third world cultures into evolved and better ones. A resultant deterioration of law and order.

Is this a ploy to introduce evermore draconian force to suppress expressions of freedom? Look at the unreported almost 12 months of protest in France. A violent oppression left unmarked by the media. They salivating over Goddess Greta and bringing back of all people, the discredited and gross Michael Mann. 

Note the temporary but glaring relegation of just possible Bojo success, over a few weeks, towards a "deal", Mad may connived to drag out for over 3 long, expensive and pointless years. Watch the despair turn to joy if he's screwed over by the remain and undeserving Parliament. One so smug at their "Benn" surrender act.

Nope, Mann's back to join up with the Greta child. The playground reopened for the fear mongers. People, in my book, more Canute than saviors. Sure there's climate change. Always has been. Note the hurricane about to hit Japan. The worst in 60 years it's said. So this climate disruption was around well before mass air travel, mass migration, hockey stick now debunked graphs.

Time to stand up folks and be counted. Not as "deniers" but sensible, adult questioners. Facts in place of emotion. Coping solutions, not restrictive, draconian bullying. All so very like the effort to stop us quitting the mafia led EUSSR, deep state, wheels coming off bus. 

Strange the similarity with Brexit. Funded demonstrators in the Bray ilk. Paid to strut their comic routines, ruin any contributions from mature reasoning. Disrupt peoples' lives. Force cancer patients to trudge to their ghastly ordeals of treatment. Their self righteous "protests" organised anarchy designed to cower and oppress. All funded from nefarious sources. Often tracked back to Soros and his ilk.

Sure we human beings foul our own nests. Some parts of the world from lack of resources. However in all western societies laziness and ignorant slothfulness also plat a part. The stench of packed, filthy overnight public transport but one manifestation of my argument. Don't even think about student accommodation, drink and drug sotted holes of depravity. Peopled by ill educated dole refugees to hide the lack of skills, ambition of endeavour.

I despair but still hope. Hope that the nightmare of universal deprivation, now eagerly sought by the fools abroad, will be a salutatory lesson when they shiver from the cold, not global warming. Starve from their destruction of animal husbandry. Travel barely a hundred yards in their whole lives. Seek caves and holes in the ground to survive. Stumbling over the now torn down statues of Greta, Mann, Miller and their god, Soros. Mad as it's possible to be.


  1. As I believe I have said before O R those who the gods would destroy they first make mad. One of the worst problems I find is that people are just not interested in the impending destruction of democracy, its almost as if our affluent society has reduced their ability to think. Its hard to believe but last week voters elected a Labour councilor in one of our wards. That in spite of everyone you speak to never having a good word to say about Labour councilor's, its all truly amazing.

  2. Anon, corruption and electorate fraud also contributes to our demise, I'm afraid.

    1. Yes O R your right there, I have myself seen bundles of votes for other parties places in the counters preferred party box. When I objected it was put down to a simple mistake but then the person overseeing the count was known to have a preferred party as well. Those who support right wing parties need to turn up at the counts more often and not just trust that the system is fair. Often nobody turns up at the opening of the postal votes so anything could happen to them.

    2. I don't know how closely you've been following events in the US, but Misfud is a globalist trouble maker. Take a look at the last sentence of the first paragraph in this article.....
      Then go to this next link and scroll down to the photograph of Boris.

  3. RAC, sad to say but it seems that Trump and Bojo have been "persuaded" their future rests with the deep state. The link you mentioned shows the "foot soldiers" and whisperers plying their nasty trade does it not? Few if any appear to have the cojones to fight against the depravity.

    1. Well it certainly does not fill one with confidence. Mifsud is said to be a globalist spook greatly involved in the witch hunt fiasco that hobbled Trumps first 3 years in office and is still ongoing. If we get the May deal with different wrapping paper we will know why.