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Thursday, 12 September 2019

The Trick, If You Can, Is Don't Despair.

Hope Springs Eternal.

Our huge subs to fund this undemocratic monster will be sorely missed. The real fear of most wealthy remainers, many owing that wealth to the EUSSR profligacy to reward "friends" will be under threat. The BBC, Trade Unions, The Kinnocks, Bliar, Mandleson. A massive list even before the foot soldiers paid by Soros, like Gina Millar.

This colossal and nasty, vitriolic remain campaign against democracy, is getting ever more desperate. When piffling Scottish, pompous, Judges rule against freedom, the rubbish pores forth. A paper dreamt up by Hammond used as a forecast rather than a "worst case", leave scenario. A faux "coup" claim by morons just back after six weeks holiday. probably paid for by others. Despicable.

The there is the chicken livered refusal to enter a general Election. Funny that. After months of clamour for such an event, probably hoping to keep Tess of The Dubious as their friendly opponent. A  win for remain, again now not so clever against a Bojo, in fear of, justifiably, TBP. Cunn9ng, skiving and very unpleasant folk. Typical of remainers and their EUSSR soul mates in dictatorship ambitions.

However, chins up through thick and thin. If Boris rows back and produces another May style, EUSSR written or expected, crap WA, then TBP will clean up. Likewise reports of his wooing the rebels he sacked doesn't read well, either. However the NI court ruling today is better. That the NI Friday Agreement is not threatened by Brexit. Common sense for a change.

If, as should be the case, the Supreme Court rules against taking a political stand, we can again hope the 31st will see us free. Plus there is a growing sense that May and the EUSSR bunch changed Article 50 wording to suggest more that one delay is legal for a Nation leaving. The facts suggest otherwise.

So, in the face of desperate and ever nastier onslaughts by the remain, self interested armies, ours has right on our side. As we did against Hitler and his UK based traitors plotting to sell him arms rather than equip our own forces. The deep state at work back then. 

With the dark arts of the well paid BBC evil it is hard to be positive. Same with SKY, C4 et al. Yet we must. Take note how they will ignore the NI ruling whilst screaming out the Scottish One. If the Supreme Court next week rules against the plotters, even better. 

If not, just another taste of a future under the EU yolk. Our own troops then employed to suppress dissent, unless we keep fighting. Just as many resistance movements across Europe did in the 1940s, against occupation by the same culprits today. Germany. Just as then and even if unable to comprehend such a future, we have to fight for a future of free and happy societies. Ones able to VOTE out cretins who seek to oppress.


  1. Your right O R we must not give up we can yet escape and make our way back to the real world. She who must be obeyed is already looking forward to the return of plentiful supplies of Jaffa oranges and cheaper New Zeeland lamb. Its hard to think of anything we get from the EU that we can't find cheaper and better from elsewhere.

  2. I'm finding it next to impossible not to despair of Johnsons efforts. He says that he needs to keep no deal on the table for leverage against the eu. At the same time the united Quislings are trying to take no deal away to destroy that leverage. And yet Johnson refuses an alliance with TBP which would definitely show the eu he meant buisiness. All the while the main focus is on the "deal" which no brexit supporter wants in the first place. If that's not bad enough the much vaunted superbrain cummings appears to have been outwitted by a communist vagrant lookalike rat.
    Farrage is the only one who is consistant in this unholy sell out. There has to be an election sometime I just hope people don't lose interest and when the time comes there is an overwhelming vote for TBP. The conservative party needs to be wiped out, whether by design os stupidity they have failed us all.

  3. A most comprehensive exposition of a complex subject not seen by me since the late great Christopher Hitchens with some swearing thrown in for good measure.