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Thursday, 26 September 2019

The Relentless Vilification Of The Democratic 2016 Leave Result.

On And On And On.

After well over three years the Establishment and its grotesque media slaves have thrown everything and anything vitriolic they can at the public and any leave, successful political figures. None more so than Bojo and Farage. So when, after machinations, fiddled  and corrupt legalities and Parliamentary abysmal misuse of power, at last a PM has pushed back. At great personal risk.

Add to his stance on behalf of a democratic mandate, ignored by the remain hypocrites, The Attorney General's blistering and justifiable condemnation of a "dead Parliament. One elected on lies and promises, never intended to be honoured by closet remainers, at last we have some vertebrae on board.

Contrast that with the spineless, remain, baying mob. One screaming for a GE which they now row back from. Can't have that with the leave vote now swollen by the corruption seen all around, to stop our leaving the EUSSR. The cowardly surrender monkeys bellow "Not on leave terms" do they want another vote. Unless they have time to fiddle the postal vote and double the kiddy student vote as often as you can unwashed brigades.

Contrast the once proud Parliament now sold out to unelected, remain supporting and wealthy, smug class of Judges. A Parliament besieged with bribed flag bearers of an enemy's flags and banners. All shouting their collusion with shadowy, deep state figures like Soros. Let alone the gangster classes of people traffickers, child grooming gangs, drug smugglers and squads of knife wielding child soldiers. All part of a destructive and divisive, bankrolled crowd of ignorant fools.

Whatever the future holds, at least we have a visible effort of a fight back. Better to battle and struggle than roll over and meekly march into the gas chambers for a shower of cyanide. Trust me, that is the future the EU offers. Do as we tell you or else. The weak, elderly and vulnerable, now paid lip service to by the leftards, will be the first in line. The signs are already there.

Well done Prime Minister. Hold firm, democracy is on your side.

A wartime speech in a new kind of war. A fight for democracy after the "Dunkirk" loss from the unelected Nazis of the Courts.


  1. Cox has the appearance of a fighter but with the Cons as a whole one has to go on past experience. Since the referendum that experience has been at the very best POOR. So who's to say it's not just play acting, sorry but I'm jaded by the lot of them. Farage calls a spade a spade, always has, and will always get my vote.

  2. With you all the way, RAC. However if, a big if, we can get out under the Article 50, WTO rules, that would be as delightful as the initial referendum result.

    1. I.................F
      Can't stretch it any further it might break ;-)

  3. Take heart everyone Boris is still saying he will pull it off and we will be out on the 31st October. I for one trust Boris more than I trust most of the specimens we have in Westminster. I am still looking forward to a celebration lunch on November 1st with a lot of English ale.

  4. It's out of our hands anyway, all we have is a vengeance vote later on if we are betrayed.
    What does need doing is the bbc being chopped off at the knees. Listened to the 5o/c news earlier and they're vomiting out the fake news regarding Trump, whilst anyone with access to the web can find the true story. The bbc are more than an embarrassment to our country they are an actual impediment. Slandering one of the best allies we could get they're doing their bit for the remain cause as usual, what else could we expect from them.

    1. Yes disgusting behaviour from a fat cat institution funded by a tax on TV sets. Time to close down this anachronistic gravy train.