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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The EUSSR and Remain Supporters Say F**k The Law And Democracy.


Above are cretinous law breakers, it would appear, as shown in this carefully argued essay. These are the modern creeps who hate the people and democracy. In the article it claims, quite logically, that Civil Servants and EUSSR Commissars accepted a change of wording of Article 50 to enable the UK Government and that ghastly woman, May, to lock us in to an endless remain prison.

All the terrible and divisive nastiness of a remain Parliament has been allowed to flourish on the back of a disgraceful misrepresentation of solid legal facts enshrined in Article 50. Facts which the Lisbon Treaty incorporated for the very reason to avoid the ess aitchh 1 tee poured down on us now for over three long years.

As ever, with the deep state, the law is as much theirs to play with as our ordinary lives, souls and existences are. The loss of democracy something demanded of dictators throughout history. Horrors of the past, genocides and Nazi style brutality done under "laws" engineered by those unhappy with the restrictions of decent legislation once part of the protection in this Nation of the weak and the poor.

Parliament closed for a few weeks yesterday. The behaviour of many, mostly of the LibDum, Marxist crowd and facilitated, aided and abetted by that poison dwarf thug, seen kicking another MP as he, the midget, left the Chamber, was a foretaste of the vitriol and gangster, law breaking mentality, the suppression of the referendum result has engendered.

In the background are the shadowy Civil Service Gestapo and their counterparts across the Channel. All conspiring, seemingly deliberately, to flout the law. The subject article of this post, at first read, looks unassailable. Unless, of course, emergency "powers" are fabricated by the self same crooks and power crazed, self obsessed scum who it would seem have us all at their mercy.

People like Hammond, Grieve, Eggy Major, May, et al all screaming "Foul" at our Peoples' PM and rushing to dupe, bribe or blackmail Judges to get their illegal and undemocratic needs. Well, if, as is looking very probable, they are the law breakers, along with Barnier, Verhofstadt, Merkel and Macron and get found out as such, we may yet avoid terrible violence and war across Europe and the UK.

War, as yet, confined to Lord Haw Haw media battalions, lined up, with their bias and lies. With their more and more Gestapo like remain bosses. All of them looking culpable, in an unconscious or possibly deliberate, alteration of Article 50 wording, to fit their nefarious ambition and self interest. all readily swallowed by the remain Parliament.

We must pray very, very hard, the facts as presented are correct and are upheld. Our freedom deserves better and our referendum result deserves a recognised implementation. The Law is for fairness and justice. Not for the few but the many, to quote Crazy Commie Corbyn's favourite slogan. Funny how it rings so hollow from his twisted logic and mouth.

From the QC's own article, I quote; 

"(i) The application by the Prime Minister for an extension of time until June 30th under the proviso to  Article 50, made on or about the 14th March 2019, was legally valid, but was rejected by the EU.

(ii) This was followed by the Agreement proposed by the EU. It did not comply with the terms of the proviso; nor was Article 50 referred to or relied on by the EU. It was not effective to stop the Article 50 process running up to and including the 29th March at 11 p.m." Whichever way one looks at it, the Agreement was either unlawful or made for an unlawful purpose orultra vires .That means that the UK left the EU on the 29th March 2019 by default as there was no valid or lawful impediment to prevent it."

How nice we have a new law empowering May and her adviser's exchanges and emails to be examined. The Courts may well look for those possible illegalities. Talk about careful what you wish for, eh? Now who needs locking up, Bercow?


  1. Parliament has fallen.
    The courts have fallen.
    The common purpose police force has fallen.
    How much has the military been cucked up ?
    Can they be relied, unfortunately I fear the ranks will choose the easy way.
    Seems we are in a situation that has happened before, only the names need changing.
    " What is the answer that I shall give, in your name, to this great man, the thrice-chosen head of a nation of a hundred and thirty millions? Here is the answer which I will give to President Roosevelt: Put your confidence in us. Give us your faith and your blessing, and, under Providence, all will be well.

    We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire. Neither the sudden shock of battle, nor the long-drawn trials of vigilance and exertion will wear us down. Give us the tools, and we will finish the job."

  2. Hello Anon an interesting comment, we must remember that the army is loyal to the crown not Parliament but where that leaves us I am unsure. More grief this morning O R, the Scots courts it seems have ruled that it was unlawful for Boris to prorogue parliament and some talk that to do so he lied to the queen. Seems they might now have to recall parliament and we will be subjected to more antics from the poison dwarf. If I hear one more ordahhh I don't know if I will be able to cope with it. And so the farce that used to be the mother of parliaments rolls on.

  3. Just noticed this one, that nice Mr. Corbyn has been reported to have a net worth of some £3,000,000. Some man of the people! Also of course now a supporter of remain. You have to wonder how such people have the brass neck to claim they inhabit any kind of moral high ground. I wonder how he gets on with Ms. Abbot these days?

  4. Ask yourself who are the greatest liars, deceivers,and conspirators. Is it leavers or remainers ?
    The NISC only protects U.S. citizens, and the NSA holds every electronic communication.
    Anyone in the U.S. gov.,with the appropriate authority can access and release the communications of non U.S. citizens.
    They have no reason to like our establishment because of the way that GCHQ and I.C. aided the illegal attack on the then presidential candidate Trump. That happened under the watch of the traitor May, there has been no come back .......yet.

    1. Pardon me, NISC should read FISC Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

  5. From above.
    "....have ruled that it was unlawful for Boris to prorogue parliament and some talk that to do so he lied to the queen. Seems they might now have to recall parliament...."
    Is it just me, but does anyone else smell a conspiracy here as to why the poison dwarf hung around. He could have had his pathetic moment in the headlines and just gone but hangs around to referee this scots shite.... Planned beforehand?

  6. You wrote "that Civil Servants and EUSSR Commissars accepted a change of wording of Article 50", no only the Act to delay Brexit passed by parliament changed the wording. The Lisbon Treaty still says "this period" and infers that only one extension is allowed. Maybe BoJo is planning to take a case to the European courts? Is it the only way he can leave on 31st October and not break a law since European law is superior to British law.