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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Dictatorship Tightens.

The Remain EUSSR Cretins Continue Their Unwholesome Treachery.

As these gross, unpleasant and despicable scenes unfolded yesterday, the EU Commissars will have watched as their plots to usurp our Nation's history and democracy went exactly as planned and orchestrated. Of all the hateful aspects of this lying, hypocritical remain cheating con merchants the worst part is their paid subservience to the whims of the EUSSR.

74.4 million people saw the EUSSR for what it really is. 16 million succumbed to the sweetness of liberal sugar coated but mythical dreams of a Utopia which hides the real nastiness of the EUSSR project to control a whole Continent. Dissent slowly, covertly and little by little throttled with a smug, quiet glee of those deep state depraved totalitarians.

The plan to dominate and exploit the masses well underway and close to naked, blatant visibility. Italian protest slapped down, Greece now fully enslaved, Hungary under the draconian stare of cruelty and resentment which will soon lead to that nation's collapse of democracy. The 45 months of protest in Macron's fiefdom of an EUSSR State brutally quashed and carefully hidden from the masses stumbling about their oppressed and soon to be enslaved existences.

One beacon was left. The United Kingdom's referendum to stop the rot. That now suppressed steadily and in full, embarrassing view demonstrated with the disgusting behaviour of yesterday. The hypocrisy now a creed. A desirable option for the enemies of freedom. A moaning, nasty and vitriolic display of wannabee deep state beneficiaries too thick and stupid to see their fate as future subservient clones to ignorance will be theirs as well as ours.

Those fools yesterday crowned over three years of blind, Judas like behaviour, utterly incapable of seeing their own futures will be no better than we mere masses of deep state exploitation fodder. Their waning status and influence soon to be completely gone. They'll keep their perks and smug sense of importance for now. Only very, very slowly looking  back on their childish and pathetic behaviour and gullibility when too late.

I, right now, have only one wish left in all this ghastly mayhem and treachery. To live long enough to see Westminster a decaying edifice, crumbling into the Thames and inhabited by a bedraggled, starving bunch of skeletal fools moaning to the few passersby how they were once so very important. All of them draped in stench ridden, tattered barely discernible, once blue with tarnished gold stars. Now replaced with but one central, very large star, dripping blood and adorning every new building erected to the great and mighty EUSSR State.

Those days look guaranteed. That or something even worse. An almighty blood bath across Europe and  an outcome of an Armageddon that just might topple even the most powerful of the present 
clowns secretive bosses. 

All the smarmy statements about "crashing out", jobs and so forth, as excuses for the atrocious, dictatorial wrecking balls of democracy wielded by liars and cheats, elected on declared support for the referendum and respecting its result. Then these wretched and gross charlatans have the gall to claim they represent democracy and that leave supporters lied. There are  many thousands of pots calling kettles black there by God.

What's left to say? What words remain to describe the betrayal of so many millions of voters? Oh, I know, let's have that General Election they all screamed for when Snide May was PM. A woman hated with a passion and who already threw away one chance of a leave majority possibility. Deliberately, I suspect. 

Then, faced with a PM able to harness all this terrible anger and sense of real grief for the death of democracy, these scum, these cowards, these lackeys betrothed to the Dictatorship of the EUSSR, run scared. Use every trick they can muster and piss all over any senses of honour and decency. A plague on all their houses.

I doubt I will still be alive when these diseased and deformed successors populate our streets like something out of a plague riven middle ages. Yet of this I'm sure. The future of the human race is more greatly sentenced to a horrific future in the hands of a deep state run society than anything else. The evidence of that certainty was on full display in the UK's rotten and soon to be consigned to the scrap heap of a disgraced history, Parliament of Traitors and Deceivers. That is to say the majority.

May their shame haunt them to their graves.

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  1. A good posting O R your break has done you good. Just one chink of light at the end of the tunnel, the Brexit party has offered an election pact to Boris. I think if such a pact does happen we might just might be able to escape the new USSR that the EU has become in our lifetime.