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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Climate Change.

A Break From Brexit.

We are experiencing a welcome, warm spell just now, this late September. More enjoyable with Parliament not sitting and spoiling our lives! That notwithstanding the climate change, "it's all someone else's fault, not ours", pundits and "experts" are rampant yet again. Note few bother to curtail, especially media morons, their travels and jump on a jet with the merest of excuses.

What is and I've always been fascinated by, is the colossal amount of real data, science and questioning of assumed and headline screeching, manic scaremongering that has been resurrected. Not least the salivating over the Greta Thunberg child. I wonder how her disrupted schooling and brief exposure to worldwide adulation will affect her future? History does not bode well in such cases.

As for the counter arguments and lack of genuine fact surrounding CO2 claims by the know all crowds, the reality of the counter arguments and debate is ignored as wholly as that of the benefits of brexit versus the horrors of remaining in the EUSSR. For the more lurid nonsensical claims by the bandwagon riders of paid opinion, we need but one source to consider for ourselves the weakness of the hyped and poor arguments of the global warming dubious claims.

My still well loved old favourite. For well over many years, indeed a decade plus, that "blog" has and remains a beacon of sensible, proper scientific argument. Without the wealth generating hysteria postured by UN linked and or political participants in the scamming and duping of the masses. Activity aimed at furnishing the Planet with an unnecessary further dogma that costs and will, for generations to come, billions of dollars of losses to the majority of the poor and the oppressed.

I'll close with just one link from ICECAP. Just one year since. We all must surely remember the incredible news coverage of this speech. The days of debate which followed and the publicity rivalling that of the young child still hogging the headlines with self righteous, holier than thou MSM and political spectrum. 

Of course we don't remember because any uncomfortable and critical analysis of the powers that be, Common Purpose, deep state bossing, vilifying and misery creating narratives are not permitted the light of day. As bad as to permit any wealth generating savings schemes and interest rates worthy of the name, for savers. The modern, global cult of misery, which pays for the few, at the expense of the rest shall not be gainsaid. 

I'll close with this. Climate has never been a constant. Like weather, always unpredictable and changing, often unexpectedly. The sun and air temperature the one area with the greatest influence. Humans are just not that important, when set against our time and presence on Earth. We can be certain, long after Greta's name is forgotten, climate change will be present. A fair few million years yet, of course!

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  1. Those of us old enough will remember the great fear in the early 70s was that we were going into another ice age. Well ice ages do come every 25,000 years or so and we are at present 12,000 to 14,000 years into this inter glacial period so we are about due to start going into the next ice age. The only thing that might be stopping the new ice age is the CO2 we have produced. Do we all want to move 2000 miles south and impose ourselves on Africa for the next 10,0000 years? Oh by the way a massive asteroid narrowly missed the earth only about a week ago, you know one of those things that did for the dinosaurs. Its due back again in 2026 and might hit us causing massive devastation next time. Now that's a thing we might really want to think about, not much excuse to raise taxes there though and not as PC is it.