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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

A Rare Glimpse.

The Deep State Forced To Break Cover.

I was very disheartened at this wretched Bliar's Supreme Court decision. My only consolation was there was little supremacy and a whole sh*t load of smugness identical to all that we loathe about the unelected Commissars in Brussels. Add to that the fact that these deep state employees are rarely placed so directly in the public spotlight and able to be identified as the facilitators of all that is rotten in our western politics of today.

Furthermore, just as with the remain scheming and lying MPs now squatting in Westminster, this Court is as grossly undemocratic and nasty as anything to date visibly part of the underhand, secretive, deep state, common purpose as we have ever witnessed.  I suspect millions of remain aficionados, once their glee at this further destruction of democracy wanes, must surely realise how dominated and subjugated we now are.

Just note the preparedness to not face a General Election by this bunch. Need time to rig the ballot I suspect. A snap election won't do when so much organisation is required to ensure the democratic process is not allowed to be supreme over the established and growing ever more blatant despotic rule slowly throttling all our little voices.

Sadly I see little future other than violence left to become rampant across Europe. Notwithstanding that the EUSSR have military force to hand and are expanding said forces as fast as they are able. We only have to look at the protests in France to realise that even this last resort, in the fight for the majority and the disenfranchised, though mainly peaceful, meets with a Gestapo style violent crackdown from masked and disguised troops.

It is such a crying shame. Western democracy, warts and all, has been a force for good until now. The second world war a beacon of good over evil. How terrible that power crazed, secretive gangsters, money men and their political puppets have been able to takeover our now blighted lives. 

Our history rewritten our ancestors noble, in the main, sacrifices and lives now trampled on by fools like that clown outside Parliament. A common, thick foot soldier paid well to be the front man and joker of the sinister folk pulling his strings and funding his loud mouth. He'll probably end up as an executioner ere long.

Still, I have written for many years where we seemed to be headed. We, I guess have arrived. Soon many more will understand the gross irony of the sign above our tramping feet. "Arbeit macht frei". If you think that analogy is flawed, you are already past any understanding of the depths human nature can sink. You've not seen anything yet. What is to come will show you "remainers" the horrors so many have willingly chosen to facilitate. God alone help us. This crowd of superior EU slavish servants most certainly will not.


  1. Yes O R our legal system is disintegrating before our eyes. It is not and never has been the remit of the courts to make law in UK but now that is what they are doing. I believe, as you seem to, that we are in a very perilous place in UK now. Still we may be mature (so to speak) but we can not give up the fight at this moment too much is at risk right now.

    1. The Bliar courts intervention is a symptom of how the eu poisonous virus has invaded our system. It was doing what it was placed to do. It should be no surprise. When we are out it needs to be disbanded.