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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

The New Government Of Fools.

What A Sorry Bunch.

Delusions of grandeur and promoted by the BBC clowns. Corbyn really has lost the plot. Shuffled into a looky likey Cabinet Room, bedecked with leather backed, Parliament badged chairs. Sooooo embarrassing. A coven and cabal of desperadoes hell bent on destroying the democratic mandate of the referendum and remaining shackled to the evil empire that is the EU.

Most of them back from privileged, all expenses paid by us via their grossly overpaid sinecures of cheating and lying manifesto pledge breaking nastiness. If true democracy was shoved down their throats they couldn't recognise it. The fools gave their serfs a referendum in the sure and certain belief we would not do ought but genuflect in their direction as we placed our crosses.

After three years of a ghastly and spiteful traitor doing everything demanded to lull us into a remain position worse than even that we have endured for some 40 years or so, these morons pick up her turd of a baton and thrash about to find a way to not leave the EU.

Meanwhile a jolly and uplifting image of Bojo at a meeting with a sourpuss Merkel and glum Macron scowling in the background trumped all of the Corbyn comic show. The dire, miserable remain plotters looked the scruffy morons they are. Swinton, greasy hair and oversized,  gappy teeth was to the fore looking like a scruffy Head Girl who knows she is scorned and disliked by most. 

Keir (for God's sake) Starmer with his greasy, over privileged aura of superiority was there. The little weasel, McDonnell with his wizened woe is me chip on the shoulder badge of socialism crest. Oblivious to the hardships EU immigration and cheap, illegal immigrant labour from the third world, have wrought on swathes of once Labour majority areas. 

Places Labour never improved. Indeed have allowed to become grooming gang ghettos where the children of the under class whites, for decades ignored and disenfranchised by the powerful of Labour as well as corporations, have become sex dolls to the Asian filth. 

Yet here they all were, today, playing the good and the mighty. A plague on all of them. If Bojo and his team fail to defeat this lot we have The Brexit Party poised to pounce. Either way, times have changed and one day soon, if not assuaged, the majority who voted leave will do for them all. Hopefully without a bloodbath.

Now here's an uplifting picture, as already mentioned!

See where a serious negotiating hand gets you? Taken a lot less for granted than Terrible Tess ever was. Achieved more in three days than she managed over three wasted years.


  1. Yes indeed what a sad bunch of sick prats pretending to be Democratic. As the 31st of October approaches we can expect to hear the shrill screams of project fear rise to unbelievable levels. Hold your nerve Boris and take us out of this new USSR. It will not be easy but we will all benefit from not bring shackled to the stinking undemocratic mess that is the EU. Are the likes of Corbyn and his remoaners blind to the fact the EU is in deep political and financial trouble and that huge upheavals, civil unrest and massive monetary costs await those trapped in its clutches?

  2. Anon, Commies love revolution and mayhem to get control.