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Thursday, 29 August 2019

The Joy Of Hypocritical Meltdown

Undemocratic My Ass.

Just one face of many for whom the totally unexpected by the hierarchies across the Globe who never for one moment expected the referendum, rigged heavily by the deep state, could lose that vote. Remember that joyous moment Dumbledore Dimbleby sat slumped in despair as he announced the defeat of the elite at the hands of the people? Now that was a people's vote.

Well, after over three years of incessant remain effort to overturn that DEMOCRATIC mandate to leave I truly believe Bojo's announcement of a Queen's speech to be held, was delightful and close to that 2016 euphoria. As ever the remain crowd came out snarling and gnashing in that primitive, nasty habit they have of always looking sub human in their ire.

I still hold to the fear a deal may be struck which is little more than Misery May part 2. I for one will not consider anything as truly leaving the clutches of the EUSSR gangsters in Brussels if one dreg of that awful surrender monkey treaty she signed gets passed. Not least the small print hidden deep beneath even the very tarnished surface.

Still any battle won, any skirmish the remain crowd lose is a glorious vindication of true democracy. How the parade of such clowns by the bitter and biased media can use the word democracy whilst trashing the vote of 2016 is beyond my understanding. all the talk of a nation divided when for my lifetime it has been always Tory versus Labour. 

Decades of Tory Governments getting the economy back on its feet after EVERY Labour maladministration and their failed dumbing down policies. Their pension raids, illegal wars, economic, social, human nature ignorance and  illiteracy. Since the EUSSR governance, laws and cash cow growth, however, both sides of the old loyalties and arguments have merged and we are probably less divided, across all levels, than for decades if not ever.

The real division is now between a deep state manipulated elite and their gullible, in many cases, rent a crowd, buy a flag brigades available at the push of a democratic button for leave progress. Boy are we seeing such a performance after yesterday. Well done this Government.

As for the howls of more time needed. Dear Lord in Heaven, for what? Ah, yes, to stop us leaving at all. To preserve the massive incomes, subsidies and gravy boats many remainers enjoy from across the bribing and manipulating Gestapo over the English Channel. The Bliars, Kinnocks, Uriah Mandleson, Hammomd, May et al.

Well, with luck, they are not only on the back foot today but given their hubris and smug attitude, Bojo and Co may still have some delicious further moves awaiting to turn their nasty, remain  self interest back on them. I do so hope so! Mind you, as I keep saying, that popcorn shortage is already threatening.

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  1. Hear Hear, what a joy to see Boris actually making good on his promises, such a rare thing with today's politicians. Hope for a better future at last after decades of rule from the EU and three miserable years of shear c**p day after day from the treacherous remoaners. I am truly proud that my vote helped to elect Boris!