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Monday, 12 August 2019

The Deep State Marginally Exposed

Not Very Pleasant.

before I continue with this somewhat personal and close to home post I would like to make something very clear. I lost a daughter to the manipulative and abusive kind of male. By lost I mean she died a lonely and so terribly sad and abused young woman. Mr Roger Vernon Ball, a retired TUI Airline Captain and subsequently my ex wife's second husband was the gentleman in question. A clone like figure of the likes of Epstein.

So to Epstein. This CNN link Do whatever it takes summary tells us something of his murder assumed suicide and other reports tell of how desperately overworked the foot soldier prison guards were. No doubt went off for a slap up meal and a well earned 40 winks. Likely richer than before the meal partaken.

My gut feeling is this whole murky arrest, albeit justified on many counts, was yet another move to hopefully "get Trump". Trouble is he was just another rich man interested in like minded billionaire. A passing acquaintance, little more. However this sudden incarceration may yet backfire on others not expected to hit the headlines. Front pages of the murky spread of the debauchery and sick behaviour of those for whom vast wealth and connections are all that matters.

Bonking Bill Clinton a very likely, one could say, teacher of alternative uses for a Havana, featuring young women if not girls. However one looks at that guy, his supposedly squeaky clean character, when compared to The Donald, a joke with zero humour.

It is a sad fact in life and the present state of Western decaying civilisation. For the rich and powerful, other human beings are but products to be bartered and abused. Few of us escape completely their clutches and manipulation. These people and their wannabee types running civil service and political entities are for certain either emulates of hopefuls for sharing some of their masters sleaze and wealth.

Often we fund much of their privileges evil through our taxes. Possibly even via the royal purse. Who knows but the fallout from Epstein's history and lifestyle has much still to be revealed. At least one hopes. They are so sickeningly cunning and devious. You'll not learn anything from the Roger Vernon types via social media you can be certain. You just need to pray they never forget how deeply unpleasant and vile as people they are. Pariahs to a man and sometimes their female facilitators, connections and family. Ghislaine Maxwell? You have to wonder. I think she's hovering in the background of the Andy picture above!

Addendum: Hmmmmmmmmm...... 27 people, dear God in Heaven. How deep do they stoop?


  1. Having also lost a daughter may I extend my deepest condolences to you O R its a loss that stays with you ever day for the rest of your life.
    With regard to deaths in custody, its very hard to stop anyone in prison from killing themselves if they are determined to do it. To stop a determined suicide you have to post a one on one guard on a 24 hrs a day 7 days a week basis for each such case but no prison is financed to cover such things. The cost is unbelievable as the man hours are not budgeted for so most of this cover will be at overtime rates to make it even more costly. If you have more than one or two such watches your staff will soon become unwilling to help as they will not want to give up hundreds of hours a week of their time off to cover such things. That's not to say the supposed suicide mentioned didn't have some odd things about it but will we ever know the truth?
    Keep up the good work O R and take care of yourself.

  2. Thank you anon. Kind support and generous words. May I reciprocate the same kindness with thanks?

    1. Thank you O R. I don't know how recent your loss was but if its any help while the terrible feeling of loss will never leave you it will be easier to live with as time passes.